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Buy Kids Shoes Online – All Saving Tips

Especially for parents, the Internet offers a convenient alternative to children’s shoes.


Regardless of your children’s opening hours or daytime, you have a huge selection of shoes. Here you can find saving tips to get the popular shoes online cheaper. In addition there are reviews and tips on where you can make smart about good shoes.


This saves you when buying online

Have you decided to buy online, you can now follow the following tips to buy children’s shoes cheap and save money.


Saving tip: Children’s shoe vouchers

For almost every online store, there are vouchers, either for the first sign up or as a time-limited action voucher. So you can save between 5-20 € by 5 min research.

Tips for vouchers:

  • Googling for a short time before signing up or buying a shoe , eg after “Gutschein Zalando” or “Gutschein James Steerforth”
  • Occasionally also look directly at the voucher portals:,, etc.


Spartip: Offers in online shops

It is often worthwhile to briefly compare the offers of several online shops before buying them. Thanks to the search function and search filters on the web sites of the shops, this can be done very quickly and saves you money. Because not every online shop has the same prices for every shoe, because here are cooperations with shoe brands.

Clearly displayed you will find cheap children’s shoes online especially at the following major price search engines:
Children’s shoes at , children’s shoes at , children’s shoes at


Saving Tip: Order multiple sizes for free

Shipping costs for order and return are not available at many online shops for children’s shoes for competitive reasons. The return of shoes is mostly very customer friendly and free of formalities. That’s why you can easily order several shoe sizes, so that it is definitely the right size.

Our recommendation:
Use this rigorously because this is one of the biggest benefits of customer service when ordering online.


Savings tip: Sales, promotions and offers

Already in the middle of summer (end of July) often go the final sales of online shops and from then on there are sandals, bathing shoes, etc. usually 20-30% cheaper to buy. Irregularly, the online shops offer numerous special offers and offers. Staying up-to-date is difficult, especially for parents, because you have to check it regularly at the many online shops.

Always current discounts:
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Discount service on Facebook

If you like us / follow, you will see current discounts and interesting information about children’s shoes. We post about once a month, so you will not be spared, which is important to us!


Online information:
Reviews, comparisons and parenting experiences on children’s shoes

For almost every product, from the home insurance to the refrigerator, about 70% of users inform themselves before buying on the Internet. Before buying a shoe, it should be like that, because on the Internet there is the possibility to use the experiences of many parents for themselves. Here is a small selection of contact points before buying.


Parent forums

There are numerous parenting forums and advice pages on the Internet, where the advantages and disadvantages of certain shoes, brand manufacturers and shoe retailers are discussed.
To the well-known count here: , ,
Sometimes regional forums are helpful, if you want to exchange tips about local shoe shops. There are in many large Städen, eg


Local Platforms – Recognizing good and bad children’s shoe stores on the spot

On rating platforms you can find reviews on shoe stores in your city. The most popular platform is , where you can also see photos of the shoe shops and can find such beautiful shops. Unfortunately, there is currently no “children’s shoes” section, so you can see very mixed search results.


Reviews – Children’s shoes tested by Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest and co.

The Austrian test magazine “” (comparable to our “Stiftung Warentest”) tested some branded children’s shoes in 2012. The results of the children’s shoe test can be called up for 5 €.
Those interested in ecologically sound children’s / baby / first-person shoes will find an overview at Ökotest 3/2011 . This can be a bit frustrating as 18 of the 19 shoes tested fail and usually contain chemical softeners in the shoe soles. After all: A model was tested with “good”.

With these test and parenting opinions, you can make your decision for or against a particular pair of shoes a little easier. Helpful when thousands of shoes are available.


Buy children’s shoes online – advantages and disadvantages

Generally speaking, there are some reasons to buy children’s shoes online, but there are also some weaknesses to consider. In addition to a brief overview of the pros and cons of online shops, we have collected some tips for you here, with their top children’s shoes can buy cheaper online.


Advantages of buying shoes online

A huge range of products and a good overview of shoe variants, children’s shoe brands and price categories are among the great advantages that hardly any shoe retailer can compete with on the ground. This will help you find good shoes faster and you will save the swiftness of one shoe store to another, and you will not have to spend any public transport or petrol costs either.
You can choose the shoes comfortably while your child is still sleeping, playing or looking together.
You can only get many good offers for cheap children’s shoes online because the online mail order companies compete strongly with the shoe shops on site and on the internet.


Disadvantages of buying shoes online

The drawbacks, however, are that online there is no individual counseling option for the characteristics of your child (eg, narrow foot, high instep). You also have to know how to measure the size of the children’s shoes correctly . Above all, trying on is only possible after ordering . And so many a buyer is too comfortable and keeps inappropriate children’s shoes , at the expense of not yet fully developed children’s feet.
Anyone who has never bought children’s shoes online, does not know how complicated the order is or whether the payment is safe . Here, however, one can breathe a sigh of relief, since the large online shops use technically secure, encrypted payment systems, which you can see from the seals on the website (eg “Trusted Shops”).


Decide: Should you buy children’s shoes online?

Our tip: Just use the strengths of the Internet the way you like it, maybe you also inform yourself online only about possible children’s shoes and looking for but rather used children’s shoes or a children’s shoe store in the vicinity , where you have a good feeling with the purchase. Every decision is the right one!


Are you looking for children’s shoes online?

Then you might also be interested in finding the right shoe size and finding your way around the giant brand jungle online. Here you can get more information:

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