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Buy used children’s shoes

Advantages and disadvantages of used children’s shoes

Advantages and disadvantages of used children


At the children’s flea market (here: Hamburg Sankt-Georg) you will find used children’s shoes of all price ranges unbeatable cheap and can still have a nice conversation.

What is behind it, that used children’s shoes often have a not so good reputation? Here are some advantages and disadvantages to help you understand.

Among the advantages of used children’s shoes is mainly the unbeatable low price . If you only buy already worn shoes, you could either buy 5x as many shoes or save about 75% of the cost of expensive branded children’s shoes. As a result, you can sometimes spontaneously buy 2-3 pairs of good brand shoes without hitting the wallet too hard. And because toddlers shoes are not worn very long because of the steady foot growth, you will find here a mostly good condition . Furthermore, the second-hand shoe purchase is ecological and thus protects the raw materials of the earth.

Among the disadvantages of used children’s shoes include the rather lower shoe choice compared to the large shoe retailers and that you have no professional advice directly when buying shoes and therefore need to know well yourself how to measure the shoes properly . Some parents have a bad feeling , because you are already used to buying new goods. The following attributes often resonate here: “unhealthy, unhygienic, worn, poor”. You also have to plan a little more time , because the desired shoes are not always there.

As always, everyone makes their own picture and then decides how he wants to set his priorities. However, among the facts is that “used children’s shoes and health” is a well-researched topic, the results of which are still not well known in public.

Researcher: Used children’s shoes are harmless to health

“Used children’s shoes?
Children’s shoe Research Group

Since 2001, the Austrian research group “Children’s Feet – Children’s Shoes” has been intensively involved in the selection of the right size and important health insights into children’s shoes. On your website, there is a clear list of the most important, typical parenting questions and insights into children’s shoes. What the research team says: “Use second-hand children’s shoes? Naturally!”

The professional association of German paediatricians also confirms this statement, quoting the Sozialpädiatrische Zentrum Westmünsterland (2012): “Parents can buy used shoes with a clear conscience”.

Used children’s shoes are therefore not unhealthy , even if this is still a fairly common opinion among some parents!

What should you look for in used children’s shoes?

This children’s sneaker has expired – do not even try it on!

If you pay attention to these easily verifiable points when buying, you are on the safe side and may look forward to finding good and cheap shoes for your child.

You should pay attention to used children’s shoes:

  • The shoe brine should not be worn on one side (see picture)
  • The lining should be well preserved
  • If the footbed has worn out heavily, you should have it replaced. This is very good for some shoes and costs about 10 € for a shoemaker.
  • You should also measure used shoes with a template or measuring rail, so that they fit well.


We hope that with these hints we can expand the scope for shoe purchase.
Of course you do not have to buy every shoe used, sometimes it should be better “chice new”. As a savings tip used children’s shoes are unbeatable, however, because you get good brand name shoes up to 75% cheaper than in the trade.


Saving tips: buy children’s shoes second-hand

Used children’s shoes can be found with some preparation and search in your area. If you are planning a bit more in advance than buying directly in the shoe store or online shop, you can usually buy several pairs of children’s shoes very cheaply. Here you will find best used children’s shoes:

Saving tip: Buy used children’s shoes at the flea market, children’s flea market or baby bazaar

On almost every flea market you can buy unbeatable cheap used children’s shoes, in addition to get in touch with other parents and perhaps next to shoes even clothes or a toy right away. Cheaper and more personal you can not buy children’s shoes, because even the most expensive brand children’s shoes are sold here between 5-10 €.
Also look out for special kids flea markets that are occasionally hosted, because here’s a lot more to choose from.
And sometimes pay attention to street parties in the area, here occasionally even the complete children’s equipment including buggy is sold.

Used children’s shoes at flea markets and baby bazaars in your city


  • Flea market overview of
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (


  • Flea market overview of
  • Kidsgo children / baby flea market
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (


  • Flea market overview from
  • Hofflohmarkt in all districts (reader tip of Nicole Kammerstätter, Munich)
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (
  • Overview of the children’s flea markets (


  • Children’s need exchange in and around Welzheim (reader tip by Angelika Beck)


Saving tip: buy children shoes used on Ebay

With Ebay you have the choice between supraregional offers (as auction or fixed price) or small advertisements (as fixed price or on basis of negotiation). With the classic ebay you still expect shipping costs on the purchase price on it.
On ebay classifieds you pick up the goods yourself, which can be recommended for children’s shoes, so you can see the shoes again and even try on. There is a separate section for baby and children’s shoes, where you can then clearly raussuchen children’s shoes in your area.

  • Baby and kids shoes on eBay
    (national auctions – goods by post, partly for self-collectors)
  • Baby and kids shoes on eBay classifieds
    (regional classified ads – only for self-collectors)
  • Give away children’s shoes / exchange classified ads on eBay


Savings tip: exchange worn children’s shoes – file sharing

Some shops specialize in the exchange of children’s shoes. Here you pay a small fee and then can choose a larger pair of shoes in exchange for their own to small shoes.

  • Cologne:
  • Berlin: is coming, ideas wanted!
  • Hamburg: still coming, ideas wanted!
  • Munich: still coming, ideas wanted!

Do you know more file sharing? Report more file sharing


Saving tip: Children’s shoe market on Facebook

At Facebook, the almost 500-strong group “Children’s shoes bazaar” has formed, in which you can buy used children’s shoes and sell shoes no longer needed. The advantage is that in addition to photos you can get all the other information from the friendly members.
For example, you can also ask how the inside dimensions of the shoes are. This is already an alternative to ebay, as the contact here is much more personal. Have a look!


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