Kids shoes outlets – cheap brand shoes!

Children’s shoe outlets are actually the opposite of the personal shoe store around the corner, but you can buy branded children’s shoes a much reduced price.

Däumling children's shoes outlet in Dahn
Often there are discontinued models and remnants of the current season, which now have to give way from the shops, as needed for the production and sale space for the models of the new season and collections. In the children’s shoe outlet, it is therefore possible to find children’s winter shoes even in winter, or to find children’s sandals in the middle of summer, as an alternative to a shoe store on site.

So: nothing like the nearest outlet with children’s shoe deals. And maybe you can find clothing or shoes for yourself in the outlet at the same time and thus save twice as much?


5 popular children’s shoes outlets

Here are some selected children’s shoe outlets near you:


Däumling children’s shoes outlet in Dahn (near Karlsruhe / Kaiserslautern)

The Däumling children’s shoes outlet in Dahn. Not central, but worth a visit.

In the children’s shoes outlet of the famous brand manufacturer Däumling there are many of the sought-after shoes for boys and girls reduced. The advantage: Here there are only children’s shoes and thus also appropriate selection and simplicity of purchase.
Address: Däumling James Steerforth Outlet , Lachbergstr. 25, D-66994 Dahn / Rhineland-Palatinate
Open: Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-13


Geox children’s shoes outlet in Berlin and other places

The Geox outlet can be found right in the middle of the designer outlet Berlin. There are many designer brands from Boss to Desigual.

The very popular branded children’s shoes by Geox can be found in numerous outlets , eg in Berlin, Wertheim, Ingolstadt, Zweibrücken. Geox is especially known for its patented soles.
The Geox-Outlet Berlin / Brandenburg is located in Wustermark (near Berlin-Spandau), in the Designer-Outlet-Berlin, where you can find other designer brand outlets besides children’s shoes (eg: Adidas, Nike, Miss Sixty, Desigual , Hilfiger, Joop, Bench). So the trip is worth twice. There is even a nursery (Panda Kids Club), which can take care of your children for a fee while you shop.


Richter outlet in Vienna

The brand new Richter children shoes outlet in Vienna.

The newly established Judge-Outlet in Vienna in 2013 attracts attention on the internet: There is a Facebook Fanpage, where you can always see the latest information about the launch of a new children’s shoe sales campaign. So anyone who likes the page will always be up to date.


Salamander outlet in Hamburg

The salamander outlet. Easily accessible in Hamburg-Wandsbek.

Who does not know the shoe salamander Lurchi? Easy to reach in Hamburg-Wandsbek you will find shoes for children and adults cheaper in the Salamander Outlet.
Address: On the Königsland 20, 22041 Hamburg-Wandsbek
Open: Mon-Fri 10-18, Sat 10-14


Zalando outlet in Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne

The Zalando Outlet Berlin. Lots of fashion, including children’s shoes and clothing.

In the Zalando outlet store you can also buy children’s shoes as a special offer. The only prerequisite: you register for the Zalando Outlet for free, in order to get a (permanently valid) Zalando Outlet Card. By the way, you can take 2 more friends with you. To stay up to date on current events, it is recommended to join the Facebook fan page of the Zalando outlet, which is very popular with over 30,000 users.


Do you still know an outlet that you can recommend here? Happy in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
So you can find all kids shoe outlets near you

Outlets are sometimes within a larger city, but usually in small places a bit outside. You could start the trip there by car or rental car as a nice Saturday weekend excursion. Here you will find websites with outlet lists, also near you, as the outlets seldom have their own searchable and maintained websites.


Tip: it’s better to ask for the opening hours by phone before you drive so that you do not stand in front of closed doors.

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