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Low heels: the trend for winter shoes 2018 is bon ton

The elegant low heels are the bon ton trend of winter 2018 – Le Walterine

Never like this year fashion trends will give our feet the opportunity to play and change style, between low-heeled bon ton-inspired elegant heels , bold colors, high-end models, stretch ankle boots, cuissard boots and 70s block heels.

2018 2019 winter shoes trends


But to be chic and comfortable in winter just give in to low heels, mounted on decollete and ankle boots with a timeless mood.

kitten heel


The mini heel of today is the contemporary version of the one worn by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, is often considered as the younger brother of the kitten heel , but it is nothing but the purest version of that half heel so chic, beloved by the icons of style of the 50s and 60s.

In contrast to the flats, the low-heeled shoes have a refined allure that perfectly completes the bon ton looks seen on the runways for the winter 2018 2019, they are must-have accessories to wear from now until next spring, matching skirts long tartan, impalpable hyper feminine fabrics, colorful preppy-inspired suits and flared trousers at the bottom, up to the classic, timeless jeans.

mini heel


Low heels are comfortable, but they can also be very feminine and refined, just choose the balanced models, with well balanced points to mini heel is the case of these decollete in cherry red skin, I choose among the many proposals by Le Walterine for the autumn winter 2018 2019.

The 3 cm mini heel raises the leg, is comfortable to wear, and is proportioned to the parade and low-cut, decorated with a maxi bow in tone, very vintage.

When I saw these shoes I thought of Audrey Hepburn’s timeless allure in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and I took inspiration from her looks to create mine: I deliberately played with a vintage bon ton trend, but focusing on color instead that on the classic black, to make all the outfit modern and fun, perfect for these days still warm.

low heels outfits


The low heels of the decollete compliment the slippery line of the duster with floral print, from which just a fuchsia lit dress protrudes; when the weather is uncertain, the only solution is to dress in layers, and choose soft leather shoes that do not create problems when your feet get hot!

outfti transition

low heels



Wear them in these days with your favorite summer clothes, matched with leather jackets or duster coats, but prepared to show off even in the coming months, with dark socks and skirts in solid wool or tartan.

The parade tip that protrudes from the hems of palazzo pants and long skirts is ideal to slim the figure while remaining firmly on the ground, comfortable and ready to conquer the world with strokes of style and elegance.

winter shoes 2018 2019

In the new shoe collection Le Walterine A / W 2018/2019 you can already find a lot of décolleté with low heels and mini heels, available in both leather and suede, in neutral shades such as nude and black, and in more bright colors, such as the purple and green.

comfortable low heel shoes

The model I wear in these photos, the 1311 decollete, is also available in black .

What I wear:

Sweet Miss powder coat

Zara dress

Aldo bag

Shoes with low heels Le Walterine (heel 3 cm, upper and insole in real leather, non-slip rubber sole, regular fit)


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