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Wardrobe shoe capsules: the essential woman shoes for the winter

Capsule Wardrobe shoes: the essential shoes for autumn winter

Have you ever heard of Capsule Wardrobe shoes ? Make yourself comfortable, because this new system of managing the wardrobe and shoe racking combines two of my great passions: the organization of spaces, and footwear.

For some years now this concept already known in the States has taken hold of us, helping us to simplify our lives; learning to focus on essential garments does not mean giving up on the most eccentric and particular, it means having a management of our clothes and accessories at the same time ordered and consistent with our daily needs .

In my capsule wardrobe shoes there is also room for colorful, unusual and crazy models, but before thinking about those I chose to create a basic “shoe park”, with all the essential shoes for my everyday life, from the low ones to the high heels.

In this first article we will see together what are the models of shoes essential for winter , to be ready for any eventuality, from the invitation of the last second to the week of pouring rain.

In the next post I will advise you where to buy the shoes mentioned, and will be divided by category, so as to make everything easier: simplification is the key word of this new series of articles, because simplify helps to better manage even the unforeseen that can happen , and captain, to all of us!

capsules wardrobe shoes

Shoes wardrobe capsules: the essential models for winter

Chelsea boots : I admitted it right in the video just released on YouTube, after hating them for years since I discovered them I turned them into an absolute must have especially for rainy days. These british-inspired ankle boots, with side elastic, are comfortable and much more dressy than bikers, so they can also be worn with trousers with a masculine cut, perhaps combined with a beautiful wraparound coat. To make them truly eternal, avoid suede and focus on opaque leathers or on varnish, they will be a purchase that will improve your life!

indispensable winter shoes

(Sutro Footwear)

Ballerinas : to be avoided in torrential rain, but they are delicious if combined with long skirts and culottes, even in winter. To wear them with socks, choose heavy materials such as velvet, or leathers like suede; and dare with color, sometimes it takes!

my moltrasio

(Mia Moltrasio)

Amphibians or biker boots : they are often considered equal, but they are not. Amphibians, clearly inspired by the military, have laces and a height that goes beyond the ankle and touches the calf; instead, the bikers have a smooth upper, decorated only with one or more heavy buckles. Over the years the classic calf height has been reduced, and today the proposals of bikers to the ankle are many, as well as the studded versions, with fabric inserts, glitter and animal print patches.

To avoid mistakes, focus on the simplicity of smooth matte leather, and choose the model best suited to your taste, because these two shoes match the same way, and also give character to the most bon ton outfit. Seasonal fashion in season enhances one version and forgets the other, but the capsule wardrobe has nothing to do with fashion and trends, it is tied to your real needs.

biker boots which are

(H & M)

amphibious leather 2018

(Le Walterine)



High-heeled high boots : need more? Boots are the shoes for winter par excellence, they are sensual and feminine, they keep warm and allow us to wear clothes and skirts even when temperatures start to fall. If you choose them in leather, choose the suede for the high-heeled version, or vice versa. And try not to get them the same color, aim at the neutrals in line with your reference palette, for example black and gray, black and brown, brown and beige, etc.

cuissard boots


High-heeled high boots : as above, but also pay attention to the height of the upper leg, because those who reach the calf kill the leg. Better to choose models immediately below the knee, or overtheknee.

zara boots 2018


Black decollete : the female shoe par excellence, the best friend of a woman, of any age, at any time of the year. Avoid exasperated shapes for the toe and heel, choose something clean and straightforward, which fits your foot well. Here you find a guide with the brands that produce the most beautiful decollete , divided by price range.

(Aurora, the shoe designed by me)

Fantasy decollete: animalier, tartatan, houndstooth, free way to the prints! Even in this case no strange shapes, use the fantasies to play with fashion, but limited to the cleanest silhouettes, so you can wear them forever.


cinti maculate 2



High-heeled ankle booties : fashion today says that they should be worn with short pants on the ankle, leaving a few inches of exposed skin. To be protected from continuous changes of trend (I remember only that a few years ago the top was to wear them with pants tucked inside !?) avoids the models too high on the leg, and choose a color … color! Dove gray, metallic gray, fire red, the choice is yours! No heels too high, and you’ll see that you will not leave them anymore.


red ankle boots



Sneakers : sports shoes are now a must have for all seasons, but there are many models created for winter in waterproof fabrics, often covered with eco fur and warm materials. Choose your favorites, and you’ll feel like you’re slipping out!

panchic granonda 2018



The last two models are optional, their use also depends on the area in which you live; I do not have them and I do not feel the need, but it seemed right to mention them.

Rain boots : their fault is that they do not heat up, but it is an urban legend. Now all the brands make them with a fleece lining, so you can wear them under the flood, without risking to die of cold, but dry!

damigelle e sposa con stivali da pioggia


Ugg : if you live in cold cold, they are the perfect solution for having warm feet. I do not particularly love them, but I know that those who use them do not give up on them even in the event of a nuclear disaster; if you are part of this category read here my tips to see the Ugg discount .


ugg online at discount that size to take


Now you are ready to fill out your wish list, if there is no fear at all, the world is full of discounts and offers, and I am here to tell you: follow me on Instagram so as not to lose them @_sara_mallia


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