21 best training shoes for women


Think any old sneaker will do the job during your workout? Sorry to say that you, my friend, are terribly wrong. As anyone who has ever tried exercising in a pair of cheap sneakers knows, poorly made training shoes will leave you with blisters, shin splints, and a long list of other not-so-serious injuries. . While the best workout shoes might set you back a few $$$, they’re well worth the investment, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who is more likely to be late than in reality, you know. , functioning.

Ofc, finding the best sneakers for you is totally dependent on the types of activities you do and any injuries or issues you might have, such as overpronation (when your feet roll inward) or supination (when your feet roll). outwards). As a New York-based podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, already said Cosmos, “Fitness levels, age and foot type can make everything that suits your feet look different from what your friend wears,” adding that flat feet require more structured and controlling sneakers. movements, while arched feet need more support and cushioning.

Whether you like to jog, sprint, hike, lift or take a leisurely stroll while looking AF cute, we’ve rounded up all of the best training shoes for women, depending on your needs. And go ahead and indulge yourself in a cute new workout while you’re at it because what is going to give you more motivation than looking like a full-fledged athlete?

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best overall workout shoes

Cloud X

Designed for everything from road running and gym sessions to training and fitness classes, these babies are your best bet if you want an all-in-one shoe for all of your exercise needs. Plus, can we talk about how stylish?


best training shoes for running

React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

With its super thick foam heights, this knit shoe has been specially designed to prevent running injuries, making it an ideal choice for road runners. The arch support of this shoe is also perfect for people with mild overpronation.


most versatile training shoes

Dynamic Zig

For a shoe that goes perfectly from workout to outing, you’ll want to pick up this insanely chic style from Reebok. They’re extremely comfortable, a great choice for all of your gym needs, and a total steal at just $ 80.


best training shoes for training

TechLoom Pro

If you are a huge fan of HIIT workouts and cross training, then this sneaker has everything you need: a flat sole for quick movement, a mesh upper for ventilation and an incredibly lightweight design. No wonder this pair has hundreds of five star reviews !!


most durable training shoes

Condor 2

You’ve probably seen Meghan Markle wearing Veja’s V-10 leather sneakers, but did you know that they also make durable training sneakers? Made from recycled bottles and all-around mesh fabric, these casual running shoes are a great choice for short recovery runs or long walks.


best workout shoes for bad knees

Gel-Kayano 28

While Asics might not offer the most ~ trendy ~ sneakers, they do make them the most practical, and these bb’s are a must have for anyone with sore knees (i.e. just about anyone over the age of 30). The cushioned midsole and foamy heels help offset any shock absorption, which is good news for your aching joints.


best training shoes for support

Horizon Wave 5

Need an everyday walking and running shoe with tons of support? The Wave Horizon 5 is your daughter. With its elastic foam sole and maximum cushioning, these beads are specially designed to help people suffering from overpronation.


best washable training shoes

Tree dashers

Not only are these knit sneakers durable, durable and comfortable, but you can also throw them in the wash after your workout to keep them from stinking. Go ahead and check out the thousands of raving raving reviews on these beauties.


best training shoes for trails

pilgrim 11

With their versatile grip and anti-rock plate for protection, these sturdy sneakers can tackle any type of terrain (even at top speed!), And they even have enough traction to tackle snow and mud. You’ll also love that you can get them in a large version and in tons of fun colors and patterns.


most comfortable training shoes

Clifton 8

The toughest long-distance sneakers on the market rn? These Hoka bestsellers. As well as being ridiculously comfortable, this design has a chunky sole that lets you hammer the pavement without having to worry about shin splits (which are a major letdown, ICYDK).


best high training shoes

Challenge the medium metal

With its mid-rise sock collar and fun metallic crossover straps, these slip-on training shoes are definitely not your regular sneakers. The high rebound foam sole and ultra-breathable mesh upper are perfect for cross training, while the design is ideal for making everyone at the gym jealous.


best training shoes for walking

Cloudfoam Pure 2.0

Yes, you’ve probably seen this shoe all over your IG feed, and yes, it’s for good reason. Even with that super thick sole, this sneaker is incredibly light, so you can walk on it for miles without even being attempted to complain. To earn!


best waterproof training shoes

Speedcross 5

Hi, if you can’t tell, these shoes ain’t fucked up. Made from Gore-Tex (which means they’re totally waterproof), these rugged trail running shoes offer TONS of cushioning and protection for all of your off-road adventures.


best retro workout shoes


For sneaks with a retro twist, go for these bad boys from Merrell. Featuring a chic leather and nylon upper and a convenient rubber outsole for traction, these shoes let you hike, bike and run in style.


lightest training shoes

Crossvine sneakers

With its super breathable ventilated mesh upper, this stylish sneaker will keep your foot totally ventilated during any type of light exercise, making this model the perfect balance between fashion and function.


best training shoes for wide feet

Fresh Moss X 860v12

Much like Asics, New Balance sneakers aren’t known for their high fashion, and that’s A-OK !! Instead, this model is known to reliably handle roads, tracks, courts and fields, and best of all, it comes in four different width options: standard, wide, extra wide, and narrow. .


best training shoes for speed

Throw 8

Need of speed ? Sprinters should get hold of these lightweight road shoes, which are made from air-injected rubber for quick transitions on roads and trails. It is also available in a wider width option and a wide variety of colorful designs.


best training shoes for sports

Jordan Delta 2

You’ve certainly heard of the Air Jordans, but did you know that they also make stylish shoes for women? The Delta 2 has an incredibly durable rubber outsole and super-soft foam sole to cushion your foot regardless of activity (and it seems really well in doing so).


most stylish training shoes

Ivy Park UltraBOOST

Fashionistas, this one’s for you. Designed in collaboration with Queen Beyoncé herself, these vibrant green sneakers offer plenty of cushioning and will get you plenty of envious glances every time you wear them.


best workout shoes for lifting

UA HOVR Apex 3

For Women Who Lift: Let me bring your attention to this fabulous shoe. With its flat sole, this model was designed to maximize control on the ground and keep you balanced, making it perfect for all of your snatch and squat needs.


best training shoes for distance


Long distance runners, your search for the perfect sneaker is over. With its breathable knit upper and slightly wider-than-normal toe, this shoe is a great choice for long runs and recovery runs. In addition, a portion of each sale goes towards social initiatives in Kenya.

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