5 Creatives Style Converse’s Latest Run Star Legacy CX Sneaker


“A thicker, lifted version of the original, the extra height is perfect for a shorty like me.”

Converse have added another style to their best-selling sneaker line – the Run Star Legacy CX. Sporting a reworked version of Chuck Taylor’s timeless and unmistakable design, the Run Star Legacy CX’s bold platform expertly blends comfort and style. It’s the type of shoe you imagine the cast of stranger things wear if the show took place in 2022.

If its angular platform, ultra-comfortable cushioning and forward-thinking aesthetic haven’t revealed it yet, this is a shoe made to stand out. Featuring a lightweight CX midsole and sock liner to ensure you stay light on your feet, the style also features a winged tongue, exaggerated collar and heel bumper to allow for seamless removal when you’re on the go.

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So whether you have time to sit down and undo your laces, or you’re the type to loosen them and start pulling, these shoes have you covered. Looking for some sartorial inspiration, I asked some of my favorite Australian and New Zealand designers to show me how they style them.

Aisha Kuryana, dancer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve owned a pair of Converse hi-top sneakers. A true classic. What I like about Run Star Legacy Platform Trainers it is audacity! A thicker, lifted version of the original, the extra height is perfect for a shorty like me.

[I’m] wearing them with my purple Adidas track pants and my favorite Ganni vest. The wider fit and cropped length of my pants show off my ankles nicely. This peppy outfit is a subtle nod to the 70s and reflects my colorful yet practical nature. It’s giving ‘jungle dance‘!


Jai Kaldor, model

In fact, there hasn’t been a day in my life (since I was four years old) that I haven’t owned a pair of Converse. It’s a non-negotiable must-have and all the cool girls wear them, from my late Nanna to Avril Lavigne. Black is my go-to, so naturally I wear my Run Star Legacy CX black with my vintage leather pants, cutout black tank top, oversized black leather bag, blacked out sunglasses and silver accessories.

I also played with classic silhouettes (puff sleeves, tennis skirts) because there’s something really beautiful about the contrast between the Run Star Legacy CX (a modern twist on the classic 70s chuck) and vintage shapes. In the summer, I feel them with a vintage black or white lace maxi dress, most likely see-through, with racerbacks underneath for the day and cute high-waisted culottes for the night. So versatile really!


Summer Wilson, Content Creator

The Converse Run Star line is such a staple in my wardrobe; platforms are so essential to hide the fact that you are less than 5’2. I feel like the Legacy CX are a great shoe for a while with leggings and miniskirts – they really connect the bottom of the outfit to the top. I paired them with [a] slightly baggy shirt, white leggings to match the platform and a denim mini skirt to break up the colors.

This series in particular has some really cute colorways – pink makes up the majority of my wardrobe, so it’s crazy to have shoes to match. The shoes are so versatile and comfortable that you can absolutely rock them with [a] jeans [and] I certainly did my law studies there. nothing helps [a] Revenge of a Blonde kill like a pair of pink platforms.


Bianca Casarotto, graphic designer

Comfort and color are essential for my daily cuts. I like to be bold in all areas of my design practice and especially when it comes to personal style.

I styled my Converse Run Star Legacy CX sneakers with Golden Goose track pants paired with an oversized Acne Studios t-shirt. The sneakers have a real track star feel and [I] wanted to give them the sporty chic style they deserve.


CJ Southgate, artist

When it comes to fashion, you can be creative, simple or bold. For me, fashion is a representation of all diversities and cultures. Just a glimpse of an outfit makes a passer-by look twice.

It’s more about color, texture and depth than trying a million cuts to get the right one for the day. It’s never about fitting into a box, but creating your own box or circle. Create your own shape to match the fashion world and still take up space.

You can find yourself a pair now online here or at your favorite sneaker store.

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