8 Bottega Veneta Dupes for Boots That Cost $150 or Less

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Some people prefer expensive things to expensive experiences, and I fall into the latter camp. I’d rather spend $1,250 on international travel than on boots, shoes, or accessories. Sure, no one can tell you what to do with your money, but if you’re anything like me, you might not shell out a ton of cash for what you’re wearing. Does that mean we’re not stylish? Absolutely not. But he could That means we’re always looking for a bargain, which is why I even researched Bottega dupes for the boots in the first place.

I recently stumbled across the almost always sold out fan favorite Bottega boots—a stylish pair of flat Chelsea combat boots that go with just about any outfit in the universe—and I found myself drool. But the price? ($1,200!) No, thank you, no. The had be similar pairs of boots that cost much, much less. And I was right. There are (keep scrolling for those recs).

I’m serious about not spending too much on clothes and accessories. Last month, I rounded up some Birkenstock dupes (all under $50) because I needed new sandals and was on a tight twenty-something budget. While it would be great to have branded items in my wardrobe, it’s just not something I like to spend my money on, especially when there are more affordable options.

Part of financial well-being is deciding how you want to spend your hard-earned money, and no choice is more valid than another. If you want to buy Bottega Veneta originals, do you (and congratulations on getting to a place where you can be comfortable with that!). If you want to buy Bottega dupes, welcome! And of course you don’t buy something outside of your budget.

Whichever choice you make, these boots are perfect for activities all year round. They complement a warmer look and make a good statement piece if you wear them with something for cooler weather (think: pairing UGGs with denim shorts in the 2010s, but more chic).

We’re here to help, that’s why we’ve rounded up the Bottega boot dupes. Read on to find out what the 15 elements are and why they made the list.

Bottega Veneta dupes for boots

Truffle Collection Chunky Chelsea Boots — $51.00

These matte boots are made of faux leather which means they are easy to clean as you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Plus, their lining is made up of textile and elastic, so they’ll be comfortable for a range of leg shapes. Still not convinced? Take a shopper’s take from two days ago: “The pictures don’t do these boots justice, they’re super cute and look like Bottega boots if you want high fashion on a budget.” I really recommend!”

Nasty Gal Swirl Chunky Sole Chelsea Boots – $43.00

Crafted from supple faux leather and featuring a high ankle silhouette, these two-tone Bottega boot dupes have a 3.5-inch heel, so if you know you’re looking for a comfortable pair, you can keep scrolling. If these boots are calling you, here’s more good news, according to an advertising rep for the retailer: “Nasty Gal will have [US] promotions in place until the third week of March, and the 50% offer will remain in effect for these three weeks. These shoes are $85, but due to sale, they are currently $42.50. (Run, don’t walk!)

Mango contrast sole ankle boots — $80.00

The elastic side panels of this Bottega boot give it the perfect fit, but in a good way. And the insoles are made of a soft foam called polyurethane, which is used in home furnishings (that’s how you know they’ll be comfortable). Finally, the sole is made of 100% thermoplastic rubber, so you can feel good about the durability efforts.

Sam Edelman Daelyn Waterproof Boot — $108.00

Because this boot is waterproof, you can turn it into a rain boot. They’re also “perfect for dressing up or down and very comfortable,” said one Zappos reviewer – and they’re not wrong. Because these boots are lightweight (at one pound, seven ounces) and only have a two-inch heel, they’ll be your go-to for any outing you have on your social calendar.

Ego Steele Chunky Sole Ankle Biker Book – $53.00

Is it wrong to have favourites? Because it’s my first choice for a Bottega boot. Not only are these boots incredibly chic, but they’re also made of synthetic leather, which makes them easy to wipe down when they get dirty. The elastic side bands contribute to the comfort and the buckle on the back of the boot helps you put them on easily.

Nasty Gal Chunky Studded Lace-up Faux Leather Boots – $43.00

Considering Nasty Gal is offering 50% off storewide through the end of the month, it only made sense to put an extra pair of their boots on this roundup. Unlike most of the options on this list, which feature elasticated sides, this leather-look pair has laces (and textile insoles and a 2.5-inch heel). If you’re dreading lacing shoes, don’t worry, laces are mostly decorative, as boots also have a side zipper.

Missguided Black Contrast Blue Sole Ankle Boots – $58.00

If you’re looking for a two-tone Bottega boot, this is a pretty solid option, IMHO, especially since it’s usually $84. Because this pair is also made of faux leather, you don’t have to worry about getting them too dirty, you can wipe them down with a little water. What differentiates this boot from others is that it has two tabs, one at the front and one at the back, to make them easier to put on.

Topshop Ace Chunky Leather Chelsea Boot — $124.00

Normally $178, these crocodile skin-inspired boots are currently 30% off. Yes, these Topshop boots are gorgeous, but what’s even better is that you won’t get too tired of strutting around in fashion, as they come with a low heel. That said, several reviewers mentioned that they aren’t exactly the easiest to access due to the internal hardware.

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