Adidas adds The Indoor Cycling Shoes to its ever-growing collection of cycling shoes

Adidas just released a pair of indoor cycling shoes and rather inventively named them The Indoor Cycling Shoes. Just in case you were wondering, these are cycling shoes designed specifically for indoor cycling, and we imagine they are vying for a spot on our list of the best indoor cycling shoes. How many more times can I say “indoor cycling shoes” in a paragraph? I think I’ve reached my limit.

Adidas recently made a big comeback in cycling, first with the launch of the Velosamba, an SPD version of its iconic Samba shoe, followed by its equally imaginative road cycling shoes and Gravel cycling shoes. Now the sports giant has made a foray into the indoor cycling market, just in time for winter (here in the Northern Hemisphere at least), with the launch – yes I repeat – The Cycling Shoes in room.

Adidas indoor cycling shoes

Adidas indoor cycling shoes feature the iconic three-stripe pattern on the side (Image credit: Adidas)

Celine Del Genes, Managing Director of Adidas Specialist Sports, said: “Our ambition is to meet the needs of a new, rapidly developing cycling culture by creating accessible, high-quality products that enable more people to enjoy. hang on and roll. Indoor cycling shoes will help riders get the most out of such a beautifully intense and rewarding version of the sport, providing breathability, comfort and performance even during the most intense sessions.

Adidas The Indoor Cycling Shoes: Design and Specifications

Indoor cycling shoes are designed to meet what Adidas calls “the unique and intense demands of indoor cycling”. The upper is made of at least 50% recycled material and is said to be lightweight and breathable, with two open mesh windows to improve ventilation and keep feet cool during high-intensity indoor workouts.

Meanwhile, the fiberglass reinforced midsole plate aims to provide adequate stiffness for efficient power transfer. It is compatible with a three-bolt SPD-SL cleat and features heel and toe cups for easier walking, making them suitable for gymnastics classes as well as the home pain relief cave.

Finally, the whole thing is secured in place with a hook-and-loop closure, including a Velcro strap to allow for easy entry and quick adjustments.

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Adidas indoor cycling shoes

The upper is mainly made from recycled materials (Image credit: Adidas)
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Adidas indoor cycling shoes

They are compatible with SPD-SL 3-bolt cleats (Image credit: Adidas)
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Adidas indoor cycling shoes

There is a lot of ventilation for the cooling air flow (Image credit: Adidas)
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Adidas indoor cycling shoes

Fiberglass reinforced midsole provides stiffness for efficient power transfer (Image credit: Adidas)

Pricing and availability

The indoor cycling shoes come in three colors – black, white and red – all of which feature the brand’s iconic three-stripe pattern on the sides. They are available in UK sizes 6-14, with half sizes included, and cost £ 110 / $ 130 / € 130. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present and know someone who would love a pair, this might be the place for you.

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