Adidas and Allbirds’ new sustainable sneaker may be the most eco-friendly yet

As Adidas and Allbirds continue to venture into their first puzzling collaboration, the two are releasing four more versions of their sustainable Futurecraft.Footprint, a sneaker with the lowest carbon footprint ever for both brands.

The joint Adizero x Allbirds Futurecraft.Footprint sneaker is the first performance model from Adidas and Allbirds to drop below 3 kilograms of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) to 2.94 kilograms of CO2e. It is also created with 63% fewer emissions during its production compared to the 7.86 kilograms of CO2e of the Adizero RC3.

A Man’s Trash — Classified as part of Adidas’ sustainable trainer line, the latest pair uses recycled materials in nearly every piece of its construction, sometimes removing entire components altogether. The uppers are made from 77% recycled polyester and 23% natural lyocell – a fiber made from sustainably grown wood – and the torsion bar, usually located in the middle of the sole, has been removed to save materials and add flexibility. Plant-based content derived from sugar cane is found in the midsole, insole, heel and tongue.

Four color options complete the collection, including “Core Black/Bliss”, “Cloud White/Carbon”, “Core Black/Acid Red” and an option exclusive to Allbirds. Depending on the variation, each features different colored panels all over the body. The tongues are perforated for breathability, the midsole is printed with its full carbon footprint, and both brands offer signature midfoot accents.

A visual disappointment — The sneakers are lacking in the design department, coming in a bland white as if the chef forgot to add the seasoning, but that look also has to do with the dye-free method, which helps reduce water consumption by using natural color of materials instead of artificial. dyes.

The sneaker release last spring was very limited (100 pairs were raffled off to members of the Adidas Creator Club), but is bolstered this time around with the four distinct pairs. The Adizero x Allbirds sneakers are available on Adidas and Allbirds sites, as well as each of their apps and select physical stores for $120. They may not be the prettiest or the most fashionable, but greater access and reasonable price is progress, and that matters when it comes to sustainability.

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