Akasa Air Uniform: Akasa Air swaps heels for sneakers and receives praise on Twitter for “comfortable and eco-friendly” clothing

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Akasa Air, the country’s newest low-cost carrier set to take off soon, has unveiled the first look at its airline crew uniform that puts comfort first. The uniform is stylish and comfortable in soft color combinations including black, white and blue for pilots, and orange and black for cabin crew. However, it was the sneakers and comfortable shoes that caught the eye on social media.

The airline has been praised by many netizens, including

CEO Sanjiv Kapoor, for his young and easy style of dress.

“Introducing Akasa Air’s all-new crew uniforms designed to uphold our organization’s core value of prioritizing the comfort of our employees and the environment,” the airline’s official Twitter account wrote at next to a photo of the crew dressed in their new uniforms.

Applauding the new look, the CEO of Jet Airways said laid back and fun works well for LCCs.

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“It reminds me of the casual jeans and kurtis weekend uniform we introduced in 2014. Casual and fun works well for LCCs. Well, an Indian LCC will have it now,” Kapoor said.

The uniforms are not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. According to Akasa Air, the fabric of the pants and jacket were made from recycled polyester fabric made from plastic bottles recovered from marine waste. “The uniform cut aims to provide the best possible stretch to keep employees comfortable during their busy flight schedules. Designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh, the jacket is inspired by the Indian gala bandh and looks to the future in a modern version clothing,” the airline said.

Taking to Twitter, several users praised the airline for its comfort and nature awareness. “Beautiful color combination and of course the fabric base (recycling symbol) is the icing on the cake,” the person wrote.

“Sneakers for cabin crew are a very welcome decision considering the stress they are under before and during the flight,” another person tweeted.

Another person shared their own experience, saying they always wondered how the crew handled all the work while wearing heels. “I just loved it for the reason, you chose comfort for your crew. During the flight, I always wondered how the crew handles wearing those heels all the time. Good change. #FutureOfWork,” wrote the Twitter user.

The eye-catching trainers were designed by Vanilla Moon and are lightweight with extra heel-to-toe cushioning. “Given the mobile lifestyle of crew members and the long hours spent on their feet, Vanilla Moon designed sneakers that are lightweight and contain additional heel-to-toe cushioning to provide better support. In line with Akasa’s approach Air when it comes to sustainability, the sole of the sneakers is sculpted from recycled rubber and made without any use of plastic,” the airline further stated.

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