Alarming rise in COVID cases in China, Europe says we are on the cusp of a new wave

Another wave of the pandemic threatens to derail Europe and the UK. This as Europe lifted Covid restrictions following a drop in cases.

It was the coronavirus playing games. It is making a comeback and no country is spared. Germany records an average of 200,000 cases per day. Britain is reeling from a 7-day average of 65,894 cases, and the Netherlands was averaging over 60,000. All of the B.2 variant, which appears to be far more transmissible than the B.1 variant that tore the United States apart.

Observers say China and Hong Kong have witnessed “rapid outbreaks”, particularly infuriating for China because it cannot overcome claims that it gave birth to the virus in the first place.

India, which experienced a second deadly wave, has just become aware of the dangers of a new wave if we are not careful. Covid-appropriate behaviors have long gone out the window in Indian cities and small towns. The recent wave of elections unleashed across five Indian states has so far miraculously shown no signs of a “maha” superspreader.

But the danger persists. The grand inauguration ceremonies of chief ministers in electoral states and roadshows to Punjab and Gujarat, this one by Prime Minister Modi, were places where the coronavirus could have spread its venom and no one was concerned. is concerned about it. Not even when it is obvious that even the vaccinated are not protected. They are as vulnerable to the Omicron as they were to Deltas 1 and 2.

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