Alexander McQueen showcases Sprint Runner sneakers in new fashion film

Alexander McQueen has teamed up with award-winning director and visual artist Sophie Muller to create a new fashion film featuring the new Sprint Runner Sneaker. The film is a study in female empowerment in which dress and movement are used as a form of expression. Sarah Burton commissioned this montage, the second of three films devoted to accessories produced by the brand.

The sneaker’s publicity clip features acclaimed multi-talented dancer, songwriter and singer MetteNarrative in a corset dress, with black and tea-pink satin asymmetrical draped skirts, and a pair of Alexander McQueen Sprint Runners.

A contemporary take on a classic running sneaker, the Sprint Runner was first seen on the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2022 show in London. The new iteration features laces, a white metal-free upper, and the signature exaggerated rubber sole. It’s available in all white or white with a contrasting black leather heel counter, and each version is adorned with the iconic three-dimensional seal. It also comes in a range of seasonal colors that reflect the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections.

In recent years, we’ve seen high fashion brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton up their game by designing sneakers that appeal to the younger generation. This desire to merge luxury with normcore aesthetics begs the question of whether they can produce shoes that are comfortable for everyday wear. McQueen’s clip proves to us through the movements of MetteNarrative that it is possible. Her moves are a raw combination of grace and athletic dexterity, a dancer in sneakers and more, as seen in the clip. Passing an era of confinement and isolation, we all feel the need to get dressed while remaining comfortable. The MetteNarrative choreography seems to be the successor to this desire to move both comfortably and in style through the world. Mette helped inspire the ultimate illustration of empowerment through movement and dress. Muse by Clio described Matte’s movements as having “a fluidity that exemplifies what makes these shoes unique to McQueen. In some cases, his footwork seems more suited to a pair of pointed shoelaces, but the sneakers welcome him as if they were weightless, less bulky than they look. Yet they also seem able to sustain her as she impacts the earth. She lifts weights and does fantastic somersaults, aided by her sturdy shoes and a stimulating outfit that allows her to move around unhindered.

This collaboration is perfect, elevating not only the dancer, but also the sneakers. Together they describe what McQueen brings to urban luxury.

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