Ami Patel: How to properly accessorize and pull off sneakers with formal outfits

Advice for you if you don’t like jewelry but think it’s time to treat yourself; and where all you can wear smart casual clothes for

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I’ve always hated wearing jewelry, but it does my gaze feels bare and incomplete. What can I replace jewelry with?

—Tusharika, Bombay

Hair accessories like headbands and bobby pins, hats and scarves are good substitutes for enhancing a jewelry-free look. You can also opt for garments with details on the neckline and sleeve hems to eliminate the use of jewelry.

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What types and colors of sneakers are now acceptable in a formal setting? What should they be paired with?

—Lakshmi P, Via Instagram

A good pair of white sneakers is acceptable in both formal and informal settings. Navy blues and neutral browns are also good colors for a formal sneaker outfit. You can opt for a pantsuit and pair it with sneakers.

Ami Patel is a famous fashion designer, image consultant and teacher of the Art of Living

From HT Brunch, April 23, 2022

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