Backside Works Launches NFT Collab With 1Block, Dropping “Valiant Girl x Digital Sneaker”

Finally, the long-awaited Non-fungible Token (NFT) collaboration between Japanese street artist Backside works and digital fashion brand 1Block. Said collaboration is set to release the first product, “Valiant Girl x Digital Sneaker”.

1Block has a US operation in Los Angeles and a Japanese operation in Tokyo. This Japanese digital fashion brand is under parent company 1SEC will be collaborating with Backside works to offer the NFT digital sneakers from the metaverse space.

1Block and Backside Works will be selling their digital sneakers on the popular NFT OpenSea marketplace platform, from February 22, 2022 to March 1, 2022. One of the best things about NFT is that it proves the unique property of a sneaker and links with its physical version.

Backside Works AIR SMOKE ZERO Valiant Girl x Digital Trainers

Characterized by poses and facial expressions removed from everyday life, The Valiant Girls are one-of-a-kind digital sneakers combining the signature utility of 1Block and the “street x culture” of Backside work.

The AIR SMOKE ZERO Valiant Girl x Digital Sneakers sale will end on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 8:00 PM JST. Previously, AIR SMOKE 1 sold out in nine minutes, and the original AIR SMOKE ZERO series also sold out instantly.

AIR SMOKE ZERO is Japan’s first digital sneaker celebrating the original creation of 1Block. In addition to granting owners exclusive airdrops, this virtual sneaker is compatible with the Metaverse. The sneaker also comes with an original avatar integration, which will be updated soon.

The auction is underway!

AIR SMOKE ZERO by 1Block x Backside works will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain on the OpenSea NFT market.

Interested persons participating in the AIR SMOKE ZERO auction must use their digital wallet. These wallets should contain Ethereum to use OpenSea. For example, they can use the MataMask.

Since the currency exchange, people have to send Ethereum to MetaMask. However, they must be very careful not to disclose their secret message or MetaMask password to anyone. When they access OpenSea, they can visit From there, they should click on “My Account Settings”, which is located in the upper right corner of the top page. Then they will proceed to the login screen to log in to MetaMask. After clicking “Connection”, they are ready to go.

People can participate in the auction. They can also win the NFT AIR SMOKE ZERO sneaker. They visit the purchase page. They can display price history and current price alongside NFT information.

Interested bidders should click on the “Bid” option to decide how much they want to bid. After the predefined auction period, the winning bidder will be declared.

About NFTs

NFT is a digital token designed to record a particular certificate of ownership on the blockchain for different virtual assets, such as digital fashion items, arts, and music. This digital token also gives these assets intrinsic value. This technology is continually attracting the attention of many as a new, innovative way to build business ventures and markets.

About Backside Works

Backside works is a popular Japanese artist born in the 20th century. The street-influenced artist’s works have been offered at auction several times. Prices generally range from $274 to $85,228, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. The artist’s record auction price is $85,228 since 20220 for The Melody of, which sold at the SBI Art Auction last year.

About 1 block

Japan’s first-ever digital fashion brand, 1Block, uses the latest and most advanced blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to develop digital content with multiple utilities, such as use in virtual worlds. The label is constantly creating collaborations with different platforms to introduce more digital products.

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