BAIT Street Fighter II adidas Ozweego LXCON Release Date

BAIT, Capcom’s Street Fighter II franchise, and adidas are teaming up for a capsule that can be described in one word: PERFECT. In honor of the legendary fighting game, for which kids of the ’80s and’ 90s spent hours (and many quarters) battling each other in the arcades, BAIT presents the Ozweego and LXCON silhouettes inspired by four of the key warriors. of the game – Ryu, Chun Li, E. Honda and Dhalsim. All four are decorated after each fighter’s distinct attire (notice Dhalsim’s skull charms and the iconic sumo wrestler face pint), while custom insoles feature the 16-bit fighters performing their signature moves.

BAIT and Street Fighter II co-branding is also featured in all four shoe options, while the matching long and short sleeve t-shirts each feature character bios in their original Japanese presentation. Whether you’ve played OG Street Fighter II or preferred the extended Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the game’s place in gaming and 90s history is undeniable.

The entire collection is available now directly from BAIT while stocks last; each of the shoes is available for $ 140, while the rest of the collection (clothing and toys) ranges from $ 30 to $ 75.

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