Bala Shoes Sale: 15% Off Comfy Nursing Sneakers

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When it comes to comfortable sneakers, who better to turn to for advice than medical professionals who are on their feet all day? It was the thought process behind the shoe brand Balawho collaborated with nurses to create a pair of sneakers tough enough to see them through 12-hour shifts.

Since its launch in 2020, the comfortable shoe brand has become a fan favorite among nurses, students and travelers, thanks to the sleek design elements and high-tech features that Bala Twelve sneakers to boast. Comfort insteps have a soft knit interior that stretches to fit your foot comfortably, while leaving room for swelling. Along with an M-brace insole that provides ample support and shock-absorbing cushioning, the sneakers also have a rugged outsole that has been designed to provide excellent traction on hospital floors.

Best of all, the upper is made from a durable fluid-resistant material that not only keeps your feet dry, but makes the sneakers super easy to clean too. They’re even machine washable for added convenience. Additionally, you can choose from four colors and sizes ranging from 5 to 12.

Over 1,000 buyers donated the sneakers a perfect five-star rating, with many saying they’re so comfortable they feel like they’re “walking on a cloud.” A medical professional, who said he came home with sore legs and feet after his shift, wrote: “I haven’t had any pain in my feet or legs since I started to wear these shoes.”

Another reviewer called them “the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.” And a nursing student raved about how they can wear them virtually anywhere. “I wore the shoes on long walks with my dog ​​on the sidewalk, to [the] lab and on campus for school, and for running around the emergency department on shift. »

The fact that they are great for walking and standing all day also makes them a great choice for travelers. Another buyer said he would pack his elegant Bala sneakers for an upcoming vacation, as they can wear the sneakers to walk comfortably through cobblestone streets and gourmet restaurants.

With smart details like this, it only makes sense that the sneakers would be more expensive and cost $150 a pair. While most shoppers say they’re well worth the investment, all four colorways are thankfully discounted right now, thanks to the brand’s Spring Sale, so you can score them for a whole lot less. Each pair has been reduced by 15%, which means you can hang on nurse approved sneakers for only $128.

All you have to do is add Bala Twelve sneakers to your basket and the reduction will be automatically applied. Remember, the sale ends on April 23, so you only have a few days left to grab the comfy shoes before they go up in price.

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