Beauty influencer’s aunt, 70, shares skincare tips

A beauty influencer has shared the skincare tips her 70-year-old aunt swears to keep her ‘looking young’ – leaving social media users in awe.

A 70-year-old woman has shared the three skincare tips she swears will keep you “looking young”.

beauty influencer brittany allyn drew more than 370,000 viewers on TikTok after revealing her aunt’s simple skincare tricks.

Although her aunt is not named, the blonde looks incredibly ‘young’ and viewers were amazed by her appearance in the now viral TikTok, captioned: ‘Simple, but it works’.

“One, I never stretch my skin. Think of old leather shoes – how they stretch. Your skin will too, it’s like leather,” she told 254,000 followers. Allyn in the video.

“Always dab it with a towel, don’t use makeup remover wipes to wipe your makeup off,” she continues.

“Number two, I only wash my face at night. I use my fingertips very gently and splash some water on it and then dab it with a towel,” she says.

In the text on the clip, Allyn explained that “over-washing strips your natural oils from your skin, which are essential for preventing wrinkles.”

Her final tip is to use a retinol-based product, theNew York Post reported.

“I dab it on my eyes, do my forehead, cheeks, neck and chest,” she says, patting her face.

“I will do it a second time and, if I think I need to, a third time. On my mouth and my eyes.

Allyn’s supporters called the woman “stunning”.

“So many great tips!” one says.

“Not stretching the skin is so important! Also, don’t touch the area under the eyes because it’s so thin!” agreed another.

But some couldn’t believe the simple advice – so much so that some blamed the aunt for being boosted with Botox.

“Botox fillers for face lift. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not retinol,” one reviewer said.

Allyn then commented below his video to clarify the rumors.

“Hi everyone! This was supposed to be a fun video with her best non-surgical tips. She’s also getting Botox/fillers to be transparent! Her tips are helpful 2!” she wrote.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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