Best Sneakers To Wear With A Suit 2022 – Formal Sneakers

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As a man, when you’re in formal attire, there aren’t many shoe choices. I got stuck in a few different pairs of formal shoes for so many events and frankly, I hate it. They are restrictive shoes that offer little to no support and are generally not breathable at all, so my feet are trapped in uncomfortable shoes for the rest of my outfit.

Luckily for all of us, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear sneakers and more casual shoes with a formal ensemble. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can or should wear old sneakers to a nice event. There are shoes that make the distinction between being formal and maintaining a more casual and trendy look, perfect for these situations. So, if you want to free yourself from wearing oppressive dress shoes, check out the list below of the best sneakers to wear with formal attire.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of casual comfort and chic style, the SUAVS Classic Sneaker is 100% the right option. With a breathable mesh texture and a soft rubber sole, the shoes don’t sacrifice any comfort to stay cool. However, with their clean design, all-white color, and wrinkle-free design, the shoes go great with a pair of khakis or slacks just like they do with a pair of jeans. I love the shoes so much that I wear them myself for everyday outfits and nicer ensembles.

The first casual sneaker that everyone thinks of for formal wear is undoubtedly the Adidas Stan Smith Shoes. The understated design and clean leather exterior make it an obvious choice to wear with a suit. What also helps make Stan Smith shoes such a great choice are the 29 different color options you can choose from. As a result, you can buy a pair of shoes that exactly matches every formal outfit you might wear.

Converse CONS One Star Pro Suede

While Converse may be best known for All-Star and Chuck Taylor shoes, the CONS One Star Pro Sweden the shoes offer a ton of versatility when it comes to wearing them with a classier ensemble. The suede exterior and beige color make it easy to pair with earth tones or creams, and the hint of green can perfectly accentuate an outfit without drawing too much attention. Additionally, the shoes still have the classic Converse sole despite being so different in design from the company’s normal offerings.

Allbirds Men’s Wool Piper Mid

Allbirds might be more focused on advancing the world of running and athletic shoes, but that doesn’t mean the Men’s Allbirds Woold Piper Mid are less because of this. These are some of the lightest and most durable sneakers available, and that’s not even mentioning how modern and stylish they are. The shoes are mid-rise, so they look more like chukka boots and other formal offerings. Piper Mids also come in six different colors so you can choose the exact look you want.

Cariuma Vallely Camel/Ivory

If you are looking to replace a pair of brown shoes in your wardrobe, the Cariuma Vallely Camel/Ivory shoes are your best choice. While the company offers tons of great sneakers that work great with evening attire, the Vallelry Camel/Ivory shoes have a look that’s both timeless and unique. The shoes work well with any combination of t-shirt and jeans, but would also stand out with a blue or beige suit.

If you want something classic that will never go out of style, you should check out the Nike Court Legacy. The shoes are available in four unique color combinations and are always made of soft leather. The understated design matches any look while the more durable construction makes it easier to drop onto the dance floor without your feet starting to hurt. Nike shoes are clean and easy, so you’ll never have to worry about putting on uncomfortable formal shoes again.

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