Best weightlifting shoes for women in 2022


Lifting shoes have been around for a long time, although they are mostly worn by men.

Even though manufacturers have just started making models specifically for women after the turn of the century, new models and improvements are made every year, giving the wearer a better feeling of comfort and style.

My female clientele has told me many times over the years that they can see a change in performance every time they switch to a new model.

Women’s shoes are often narrower and lighter than men’s shoes, which impacts the design of the midsole.

When it comes to women’s weightlifting shoes, the heel and the support it provides are both essential for injury-free weightlifting as well as its distinctiveness.

Here are our recommendations for the best weightlifting shoes for women after years of first-hand reviews and comparisons.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter – Our Choice

Designed for Olympic style weightlifting, the Reebok Women’s Legacy Lifter is one of the best weightlifting shoes on the market.

As a result, it’s a popular choice among the top trainers in the business.

The sturdy TPU heel, 3/4 inch heel drop and twin midfoot straps keep your feet firmly in place as you put your body through the rigors of weightlifting.

Ankle injuries are unlikely due to the moderate traction of the rubber sole on any surface.

Its anatomical design adapts perfectly to women’s feet and the antibacterial interior prevents the shoe from smelling bad.

With these weightlifting shoes, you will find that they help propel you into the perfect squatting position.

Powerlift 3 by Adidas – 2

Adidas has been in the weightlifting and training shoe market longer than anyone, so it’s no surprise that they are at the top of our list of the best weightlifting shoes.

Adidas also has a reputation for producing some of the best men’s training and weightlifting shoes on the market because they understand the sport and its specialty footwear requirements.

Despite the fact that the Adidas Adipower seems to be a popular option, we went with the Powerlift 3.

The Adidas Powerlift 3 Women’s Shoe is built to last, be comfortable, and incredibly sturdy, even as you increase your weight during exercise.

When it comes to looks and performance, the Adidas Powerlift 3 delivers on both fronts.

Like many women’s lifting shoes, the Adiwear outsole is comfortable, but the fit is slightly narrower and the metatarsal strap provides rock-solid stability from ground to grip and vice versa.

Having a slightly lower heel also makes it more suitable for CrossFit or weight training.

CrossFit Lifter 2.0 by Reebok

CrossFit shoes should provide women with the ankle mobility they need for training and jogging, while also accommodating the heel drop required for weight lifting activities such as squats.

Finding the right balance is not easy, and not all training or running shoes can.

However, the Women’s CrossFit Lifter 2.0 performs admirably.

With powerlifts and heavy weight lifting, the 3/4 inch drop in the heel is clearly visible, but mysteriously blends into the background during jogging, walking lunges, and other activities.

Metatarsal straps are designed to keep your feet in place without being unduly restrictive, and these shoes are simply stunning.

A pair of Reebok Women’s CrossFit lifters are one of the best training shoes on the market if CrossFit is your thing.

Fastlift 335 by Inov-8

Inov-8 is very pleased with the fact that their shoe designs are firmly rooted in physiology.

They got the concept for their weightlifting shoes from some of the top trainers, and they created them to do just that: conform to the wearer.

When it comes to women’s weightlifting shoes, Fastlift 335 is a wonderful illustration of how they established themselves as a force to be reckoned with once they entered the scene.

The upper of the 335 shoe is made of ripstop nylon and features welded seams.

As a result, the shoe is both extremely light and extremely durable. Even the most intense weightlifting can be done with the metatarsal strap in place and the Power-Truss heel lets you dig.

It won’t work as well for some CrossFit routines due to the 1 1/4 inch drop, but it will fuel your lift like no other. The toe box is also a bit larger to support your feet wide apart when lifting weights.

There is a pair of 335s weightlifting shoes just for you if you like to lift flat weights.

Training shoes other than bulls

It doesn’t matter if the name is “Nobull” or the shoes have a “cheesy” design, Nobull is serious about making running and weightlifting shoes for women.

Nobull Women’s Trainer, despite having no heel drop, is a great all-round athletic and weightlifting shoe that will serve you well on the track and training, on the treadmill, on the climbing rope and even in your class. typical aerobics.

Whether you play tennis or basketball, take a walk in the park or run on the track, these sneakers are ideal.

They are designed for full comfort and performance in cross training, and they outperform regular running shoes in every way possible.

Whether you prefer to run, lift weights, or do both, the women’s Nobull sneakers are a great choice for your footwear.

Pendlay 15P SHOTGUN

For Olympic lifts, some people will love the overworked, overcooked maximalism of the Pendlay 15PFUSSIL, while others will find it repulsive. The simple design of the Nobull women’s weightlifting shoes contrasts sharply with the overworked and overcooked maximalist design of the Pendlay 15PFUSSIL.

All things considered, these women’s weight training and running shoes feature excellent heel drop for squats, but not so much that they are unnecessary for the deadlift.

As the weight is shifted, the opposing metatarsal straps prevent lateral drift by preventing the foot from sliding out of place.

With these shoes, you’ll be ready to lift heavy weights on or off a flat surface, making them ideal for Olympic lifts.

All Star 7 – Converse

Converse All Star has long been a favorite with weightlifters of all genders, and that’s because they’ve always been a good investment.

The All Star is still a good weightlifting shoe for the money, even after being redesigned in material terms a few years ago and is now more expensive than its 20th century contemporaries.

The new All Stars have a more robust canvas upper, which takes a while to adjust but provides superior ankle mobility and support in the long run. The canvas upper resembles the older models.

Weightlifting shoes for women: what to look for

Lifting shoes should reflect the type of lifting you will be doing, so do your research before purchasing a pair. You will need a metatarsal strap or straps with a strong Velcro closure if you are doing Olympic lifts, which require you to remain stable. You will also need a heel drop of 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches. Flat lifting shoes such as the Converse All Star are ideal for straight deadlifts.

The drop height of a shoe is the difference between the heel and the toe of the insole, measured from the heel to the insole. Having a raised heel makes it easier for the wearer to kneel down without feeling any discomfort. In order to get the most out of your physical effort and to project the force upwards, this is essential.

If you want to avoid pivoting your ankle, you need lateral stability in addition to the drop heel support provided by women’s lifting shoes. Metatarsal straps and a good rubber sole keep the foot in place, preventing lateral instability.

Being in good shape isn’t just about being able to lift twice your body weight above your head. You can’t afford to be distracted by your ill-fitting shoes if you want to stay focused on the task at hand. A pinch-free fit and wide enough to allow the foot to spread out when under enormous pressure are the goals you should aim for when choosing your shoes.

Good value is a lifting shoe that provides stability, comfort, and rugged performance without costing an arm and a leg.

Is there anything else i should know?

Some old school weightlifters still wander down to the barefoot weight every now and then. Women’s powerlifting shoes are proving to be a popular choice for many, who are ready to ditch the old school principles in favor of the new school benefits they offer. Among them are the following:

Improper torso alignment has long been a leading cause of weight training injuries. From the moment you step up to the bar until the moment you drop the weight and walk, women’s powerlifting shoes can help prevent devastating back problems.

It is common for women and men to need ankle support to avoid tripping during powerlifting exercises, and this is true for all genders. An ankle injury can occur if you plant one foot at an unusual angle during a lift that requires multiple changes of the foot. This can lead to an extremely serious injury that prevents you from standing for an extended period of time. Shoes designed specifically for female weightlifting can reduce the likelihood of an accident of this nature happening.

Create a Positive Routine As a weightlifter or accountant, you need to develop strong habits if you want to get the most out of your workouts. It is important that you make an effort to find and wear the correct lifting shoes so that your efforts are not in vain and your feet are not put at risk.

The raised heel and metatarsal straps of a women’s lifting shoe aren’t just for show. They help weightlifters perform better. They help you achieve your fitness and health goals in the gym by improving your performance (4).


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