Check out the shoes that dominated the CrossFit games

The 2022 CrossFit Games have passed, and while there were plenty of awe-inspiring moments — like Tia-Clair Toomey winning her sixth straight title — the workout clothes and shoes adorned by the world’s fittest athletes were essential.

Of course, Nobull, the Games’ official sponsor, kept the athletes well-dressed in fitted and stylish clothes, and there were many repeat appearances from the sport’s stalwarts like Nike and Reebok. A few newcomers also made their presence known – like RAD providing foot support to third place finisher Laura Horvath – but no brand left an impact on the 2022 competition quite like TYR.

Most often associated with competitive swimming, TYR has recently put his talents to rest, obsessed with head-first diving into CrossFit. Since expanding into the sport in 2021, the brand has amassed an impressive roster of sponsored athletes, which was featured throughout the 2022 competitor set. It was hard not to see at least one pair of new CXT trainers- 1 sprint, push or cross the finish line during this year’s Games.

It’s one thing to show off, and another to show off, though. Proving it’s more than just a shoe brand, TYR caused a stir by demonstrating its performance capabilities in training. Not one, not two, but SIX of the brand’s male athletes finished in the top 10, highlighted by Roman Khrennikov and Ricky Garard, second and third respectively.

With such an impressive debut, we suspect the CXT-1 Trainer will quickly become one of the most popular training shoes, whether you’re competing for your own leader’s jersey or just working out in your training sessions. normal training. Here’s what you can expect from the all-new trainer taking CrossFit by storm.


tyr cxt 1 sports shoe


TYR CXT-1 trainer: the details

The TYR CXT-1 features a patent-pending stability platform designed to tackle the most intense training sessions with superior support and ground contact. A wraparound side gripper extends around the heel for added stability as well. Additionally, the CXT-1 seems to offer great durability, especially in the extended toe guard.

The stability features are the highlight, especially since this sneaker has an unusual 9mm heel-to-toe drop for added comfort and ankle mobility. That said, however, a Surge NRG foam midsole and flexible forefoot should also keep these kicks in contention for cardio and agility training.

Finally, the engineered mesh upper construction should offer enough breathability to keep you cool during training, and the multiple colorways may be the perfect way to stand out from the competition – although this year’s Games have already done so. a lot.

tyr cxt 1 sports shoe


How to buy your own TYR CXT-1 trainers

The CXT-1 trainers are currently available for pre-order online and, according to TYR, should be in stock around November of this year. This perceived launch date might be the perfect spark to get a head start on any 2023 fitness resolutions you might conjure up. At around $130, these all-new sneakers are in line with other CrossFit training shoes like the Nike Metcon 7 and Reebok Nano X2.

Owning more than half of the top 10 places in the CrossFit Games 2022 is no accident. Be sure to grab your TYR Kicks now, so you can proudly say you were an early adopter. when the brand seizes its first title in the future.


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