Choice of fashionable shoes you need for monsoons

Monsoon Shoes: Add these picks to your wardrobe now; Image credit: Pexels

With the monsoon season here, the thought of enduring the humidity is enough to create fear. Humidity can be very difficult to manage and we obviously need styles that help us through the season. When it comes to shoes, we need choices that are this easy and keep our feet comfortable and sweat-free. From crocs to stylish sandals and more, it’s time for a quick upgrade to our shoe closet. And to help you with the same, we have curated a list of trendy shoes which are an absolute must-have during the monsoon season!

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We’ve handpicked some fashionable shoes to adorn this monsoon

1. BATA Kyla Women’s Slippers

A crossover style is an absolute must in every seasonal wardrobe. These criss-cross strappy slippers from Bata are a great choice for the season. They have a pull-on closure, so you can easily adorn them and have a flat pattern for easy comfort and style.

2. Crocs Adult Unisex Classic Clogs

This chic pair of clogs from Crocs is just what you need to spend your monsoon days in style. These stunning pastel blue clogs feature a zipper closure and a round toe as they allow ventilation and keep your feet dry.

3. Paragon Women’s Black Fashion Sandals

A pair of comfortable sandals is a total winner in every wardrobe. An absolute must, not only do they keep your feet comfortable, but they also prevent sweat. These black sandals will definitely serve the purpose and keep your fashion in check at the same time.

4. Sparx Women’s Floating Sandals

Floating sandals are another staple your monsoon wardrobe deserves. These great floating sandals have an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole and a snap closure that makes them easy to wear. They feature a contrasting color sole and an open toe design.

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