Comovita: the most sustainable sneakers in the world



Sustainability in fashion is all the rage these days, with an ever-growing number of brands talking about their environmental and ethical commitments. But real action – beyond empty mission statements – is still sadly hard to come by. Which makes us all the more grateful when labels like Comovita arrive.

The Spanish brand creates the most sustainable shoes in the world thanks to a winning combination of a zero waste promise, a bespoke model and the exclusive use of sustainable materials and ethical factories. In a fast-paced fashion-obsessed world where shoe production is teeming with exploitation and questionable environmental standards, Comovita’s approach is refreshing to say the least.

All Comovita shoes are handcrafted to order in a small town near Valencia, Spain, where artisans with decades of experience working for high-end luxury brands produce the pieces. The tailor-made model allows Comovita to avoid creating unsold stocks that end up in waste and to offer its items at fair prices.

Each model is made from strictly sustainable materials – from the Vegan Court Sneaker, made from cruelty-free and water-repellent vegan leather, to the Linen Sneaker, made from high quality Belgian organic linen. Even the durable rubber soles and laces are made from recycled materials.

Not to mention the clean and understated aesthetic that characterizes each pair of Comovita shoes. The brand defends a timeless aesthetic through clean silhouettes, neutral colors and the elimination of all superfluous details. These are sneakers that will take you everywhere and everywhere. Pair them with a suit for a casual summer wedding or go for a low-key weekend look with jeans and an overshirt. Proof that style and durability don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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