Converse transforms two classic sneakers into a trendy mule



Converse’s new Stars and Bars sneaker takes its name not from the American flag, but from two of its most iconic sneakers. A One Star upper has been combined with the Chuck Taylor All-Star single unit, but the hybrid shoe is still more than a sum of its parts. The heel has been cut to turn it into a mule, which just happens to be one of the hottest shoe trends right now.

A $ AP Rocky also redesigned the Vans Slip-On as a mule in a never-before-seen collaboration, a flashpoint for the trend but also proof that existing and revered sneakers can go backless successfully. And even when mules involve sneakers instead of looking more like moccasins or sandals, they’re a breath of fresh air in a crazy landscape.

The Stars and Bars debuts in Japan, but the revival of men’s mules proves the United States is ready for the new silhouette, too.

But why the laces? – The shaggy suede sneaker puts more distinct stripes around Converse’s Star logo, and in addition to the open ankle and sole, the namesake ‘bars’ are the only deviation from your standard One Star. This suite of items includes, oddly enough, laces – which become superfluous when talking about an open-heeled sneaker.

While we couldn’t expect the laces to provide extra security for a shoe you can put on and take off, it perhaps does provide some comfort in the form of familiarity. Not everyone might be ready to dip their toes in a mule as wild as Marni’s furry shoes, like Grinch shoes, but a backless One Star / All-Star hybrid is a deviation from the norm. easier to do.

For now, the only place to get Converse’s new mule is via Atmos Tokyo. Using a proxy service to ship them to the United States will cost around $ 120, but there is a non-negligible chance that the Stars and Bars will eventually release in the United States. And if not, Converse is missing just one of the summer’s defining trends.


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