DJ Honey Dijon and Scholl team up for new “Beach to the Club” collab – WWD

DJ Honey Dijon sweetens Scholl by creating a new capsule collection for the iconic wooden-soled slides.

The first drop of the two-part collaboration under her fashion label Honey F – king Dijon, the capsule features a sleeker and sexier take on the clog. It’s designed to go “from the beach to the club,” Dijon told WWD. The collection is an all-black colourway with oversized silver hardware and, for the heeled version, a more curvaceous silhouette.

“The shoe is very personal, actually, and when I saw that they were reintroducing the brand, it immediately reminded me of my mother and my childhood. I had this emotional connection to it,” Dijon told WWD The Chicago native has an affinity for her hometown brand, and this drop was inspired by the industrial aesthetic of her adopted city of Berlin.

The brand has opened the archives of its Milan headquarters to the delight of Dijon, which calls itself the “queen of research”. Digging through old pictures was a treasure trove of information and images that speak to everything from disco and club culture, to sustainability, to today’s health and wellness trends, not to mention the similarities. policies of the time. “There are a lot of correlations happening now that mirror what happened in the 70s, so it’s really very timely.”

“There’s all this conversation now in the culture about gender non-conforming and non-binary people and clothes are for everyone. And I thought that was a really good way for me to reintroduce this iconic shoe to a new generation of kids. It’s such an iconic American shoe that has really stood the test of time, and I thought it would be great to elevate it into the fashion conversation. There’s so much cross-pollination between what’s going on now.

Although she’s reluctant to utter the word ‘comfort’ for all the old-fashioned connotations of Scholl’s orthopedic background, she added: ‘We all have very active lifestyles now and the shoe fits right into that. And as someone who stands up for hours and hours and hours, having a really nice, fashionable shoe that’s also good for me is like perfection.

It’s also a style lifesaver for the busy DJ who may be in four cities in a week for gigs. “I can go from the beach to the airport to the club, because often I don’t even have time to change. And you don’t even have to take it off when you go through the TSA” , jokes Dijon.

“The market is so crowded that it must have something to add to people’s lives,” she added.

Honey F–king Dijon x Scholl
Courtesy Scholl

It’s part of a wider revamp of the iconic shoe that had its heyday in the 70s and has been a favorite with celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Sarah Jessica Parker. “[The goal is] to grow the brand and truly manifest the leadership position in the segment. Clearly playing the fashion game is a big part and a big pillar of that strategy, and that also means elevating and reviving the collections,” Tobias Klaiber, managing director of Scholl Shoes, told WWD.

The growth plan strategy is twofold with more celebrity and brand collaborations to come. Is there something like the Birkenstock and Dior deal in the works? “We clearly don’t want to replicate or do the exact same thing,” he said, noting that they work with “more democratic” brands. A collaboration with Danish cult favorite Ganni launched earlier this year.

“We really want to select partners who can be bold and brave with us, where we can be more creative and really embrace the spirit of the brand, challenge the status quo and reinvent ourselves as well.”

Without giving specific figures, Klaiber said business had doubled in the past year thanks to fashion outlets such as Le Bon Marché in Paris and KaDeWe in Berlin and they were expanding in Asia, particularly in China, Japan and Korea.

“In fashion, there are a lot of things already planned to come and there are also other initiatives that we are going to carry out,” he said. There are three more collabs in the works for 2023, but Klaiber insists it’s not a numbers game. “We are looking for long-term partners. We have a more strategic vision of brand development, but also [collaborations] that really help us to be bolder, braver, to experiment and to be creative. »

The capsule will be released in October and will be available on Dover Street Market, along with additional gates. It comes in an inclusive size range from 35 to 46.


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