Elise Mertens announces David Goffin’s brother as her new coach

Elise Mertens has hired David Goffin’s coach Simon to be her new coach. Mertens was coached by her boyfriend Robbe Ceyssens, but the two decided to end their player-coach relationship. Additionally, Mertens made a racquet change prior to 2022 and will now be using Babolat and not Head.

Mertens, who won a WTA title in 2021, ended his season at the Billie Jean King Cup.

Belgium did not make it past the group stage at the event, but Mertens was delighted to take part in the event which was named after one of football’s greatest legends. “Billie Jean King is a legend,” Mertens said, according to the Billie Jean King Cup website.

“She’s done a lot for our sport and has been a great example for women’s tennis – and for women in general. What she’s done is really amazing and she always does a great job.” It’s always nice to do. to see her in big tournaments and I am very honored to play here in a tournament with such a big name in tennis.

It means a lot. ”

Mertens sends his old clothes to Africa

A few months ago, Mertens made a revelation that melted the hearts of many. “I actually give them to people who don’t have the benefit of buying clothes.

I also sent a lot of suitcases to Africa, just for … Yes, a lot of shoes, a lot of clothes. I think I donated five boxes a few months ago. So yeah, I’m just trying to help out a bit where I can, “Mertens said of what she does with the tennis clothes she no longer wears.”

Mertens got off to a good start to the season, winning a WTA tournament in Melbourne in his first tournament of the season. Mertens also reached the final in Istanbul but did not win the title.

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