Engine penalties will play part in 2022 F1 championship outcome

Engine penalties could play an important role in the decisive second half of the Formula 1 world championship battle between Red Bull and Ferrari.

Ferrari had high-profile engine reliability issues at the start of 2022 and could start taking penalties as soon as a new specification is introduced in the coming weeks.

According to former F1 driver Christijan Albers, Red Bull is in a better position to choose when to potentially take engine penalties.

“Red Bull has the opportunity to look at it for a while,” he said. From Telegraaf.

“If Ferrari has to change the engine at Monza, I think Mattia Binotto will have a serious problem and will have to grab his racing shoes,” joked the former Minardi driver.

The engine failure that took Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc out of the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Take a penalty now

Albers thinks it makes more sense for Ferrari to suffer an engine penalty this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps.

“Red Bull can do it too, and then they both start at the back, but strategically they still have the chance to do it at Monza. They have less to lose there, and it’s also a bit easier to overtake there than at Spa,” said the Dutchman.

However, Albers warns Red Bull not to get too excited about Max Verstappen’s big 80-point lead heading into the second decisive phase of the Championship.

“80 points is a lot, but if you think about it and he gets knocked off the track twice or is unlucky, that gap can disappear very quickly,” he said.

“(Charles) Leclerc is a quality driver, but you can always see the difference in caliber. He always makes mistakes and Ferrari’s strategies have been disastrous. They just don’t have the control.”

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