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One thing that defines Drori forestay apart from other artists in its niche it is transparency and its eponymous label. His name is clearly on the custom pieces he produces, not on another designer or label. His creativity shines in every room he creates, which is why he can expand his business, adding additional facilities and workers to meet the needs of his clients.

From drawings and galleries to personalized art
Very young, Etai Drori was very interested in the art world. He was exhibited in galleries and was an avid designer, which quickly brought him face to face with the world of design. He found himself in love with shoes, building his experience by personalizing, remaking and developing new shoe designs.
Thanks to the shoes, he was able to acquire the basic knowledge and technical education necessary to handle and work with different types of leather. With this understanding, he was able to move on to building other larger objects, like bags and more complex parts.
He is currently looking to develop even more, by moving the company towards an even more upscale market. Drori wants to be able to offer clients and clients additional services, such as fitting out entire rooms (maybe even houses) for higher level clientele. This is why a large part of its brand is based on creative flexibility and the ability to adapt to the needs of its customers.

Strategies for an effective commercial brand
Drori is the face of her entire brand, making it more personal to customers. In addition, the exclusivity of the products he creates makes everything unique, which has played a huge role in branding his company as a luxury line. With everything tailor-made, he sets the bar high for other designers who might fall into the niche.

Customer satisfaction is another area Drori focuses on. The basis of the information he gets from customers comes mainly from two sources: social media and word of mouth. There’s a lot of time spent interacting and getting feedback through social media. It also feeds on loyal customers, word of mouth and the opinions of those who have purchased a product in the past.

One of the ways Drori has made her brand successful is through great attention to detail. From the number of stitches to the colors used on the leather, it focuses on the luxurious appeal of the item and the craftsmanship involved in its manufacture. Each piece manufactured is held to a high standard, the one to which Etai Drori attaches its name. It always seeks to innovate its offers and to offer the best to its customers.

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