Ferrari abandons its Testarossa-inspired sneakers by Puma



Ferrari and Puma have released a new unisex sneaker, this time inspired by the legendary Ferrari Testarossa.

The Italian automaker is committed to luxury and performance, whether it’s supercars or Ferrari-branded clothing, shoes or accessories. With a wide variety of merchandise available on its online store, from clothing, watches, eyewear or collectibles, Ferrari’s collection keeps expanding and constantly renewing itself.

Their latest shoes available for purchase are another collaboration with Puma, with the two brands creating a unisex sneaker called Nitefox. Inspired by the Ferrari Testarossa aesthetic, the sneakers feature classic colors but a state-of-the-art design, combining solid form with style and function.

As Ferrari best puts it, the anatomy of the Testarossa car transforms into a high-performance silhouette in an athletic, aero shoe of oversized proportions. Made from 81% supple leather, the Nitefox sneakers are black with yellow around the laces and they proudly display the prancing horse on the tongue, as well as a red “Ferrari” tag on the back. The Puma logo is also printed on the sole. They are also white in color, with Ferrari / Puma details remaining the same on both versions.

Ferrari enthusiasts can order the Nitefox by Puma sneakers for $ 560, with sizes available ranging from 5 to 13 (36 to 47). They will be shipped in an iconic red Ferrari Store bag.

The Nitefox sneaker is not the only collaboration between Puma and Ferrari. Just a month ago, the two companies announced the ION F sneaker, a tribute to another famous sports car, the SF90 Stradale. This one also features the same aerodynamic look and is a unisex model, aimed at conveying the connection between the curves of Ferrari cars and human anatomy.

With a knitted sock construction and a magnetic fit-lock with technical tape, the ION F is a sports shoe with a running attitude. You can get the sneakers for $ 630.


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