Gigi Hadid wore the most controversial sandals trend

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One of Gigi Hadid’s latest looks is giving a big baby. In a good way, of course.

Over the past two years, where truly horrific events have unfolded that have left us wondering time and time again if the apocalypse is finally here (not yet, somehow), adults at the fashion began to dress like toddlers. In a world that tells us to “dress for the job we want,” this trend couldn’t be more appropriate.

While dressing like a toddler doesn’t rob us of our knowledge of climate change or make our reading level too low to fully understand horrifying headlines, it does feel like, if nothing else, a nice hug; complete with nostalgic memories of simpler times. Doll dresses, platform Mary Janes and colorful ribbons are just a few of the baby styles that have exploded in popularity in recent years, but Gigi Hadid is making the case for a whole different kind of look.

Mr. Gemi’s popular Matilde sandal (which recently restocked after running out) is the two-strap buckle sandal that, for some reason, has people soaring. The style is controversial and a real love-it-or-hate-it shoe. If you’ve seen it, chances are you have a strong and unwavering opinion about it. Models, however, are among the biggest fans of the trend, often being photographed wearing them while running errands. Besides being an unexpected off-duty staple, sandals aren’t all that different from the kind of practical shoes your mom probably dressed you in for college photo day.

But mums are often right and the sandal trend is renowned for being extremely comfortable. It could have easily taken you from school to a trip to the park, and a slumber party during the day. Hadid more than justifies adding the nostalgic style to your adult wardrobe — which, in the end, probably doesn’t look all that different from your college wardrobe, either.

Shop the Gigi Hadid-approved sandal below.

M. Gemi the Matilde Shearling Sandal in Black Leather

M. Gemi the Matilde sandal in Opal Multi

Mr. Gemi the Matilde Due Sandal in Tan

Mr. Gemi the Matilde Due sandal in black

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