Givenchy TK-360 mesh sneakers for men by Matthew M. Williams: Price

Matthew M. Williams likes big shoes and he can’t lie: just look at his huge Nikes! But, sometimes, he prefers a balance between beefy and ballet, as evidenced by Givenchy’s TK-360 sneaker.

The epitome of what Williams describes as “total knit” construction, the Givenchy TK-360 is an all-knit sneaker anchored by a unique molded last that boasts a chunky heel and tapered forefoot, the resulting silhouette almost affecting feel particularly graceful. hoof.

The laces lock into the wearer’s foot, but the TK-360’s sock-like upper isn’t really going anywhere. Its one-piece design is flexible but not flimsy, despite the knit extending from the top of the ankle opening to the bottom of the lugged outsole.

Williams describes the TK-360 as his “dream shoe” and the amount of effort put into its design reflects that. He’s proud of it, too: When the TK-360 first plunged into the slime muck that is streetwear discourse last year, Williams ended comparisons to other woven shoes by saying “Show- me another knit shoe without a sole”.

The TK-360 was first seen as a cornerstone of Givenchy’s Spring and Pre-Fall 2022 footwear offerings and it officially debuts as part of this latest collection on July 1 for $895, though it will see a limited release in stores and on The Givenchy website from the beginning of May.

New iterations are already in the works, although the TK-360 is launching in a very wide range of initial colorways.

Seriously, if somehow Givenchy isn’t scratching your palette by offering TK-360 in everything from pink and “acid yellow” to classic gray and beige, you might be looking for a color that doesn’t. ‘does not exist.

But these new knit sneakers, first seen in Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2022 presentation, are no different from the TK-360 as presented to us.

They just have a few more ridges and a few less switchbacks.

Although it shares similarities with Givenchy’s Marshmallow line, the TK-360 is a bold step beyond even the progressive angles offered by other flagship Givenchy kicks.

Other brands are meddling in the future of footwear, of course, but no other luxury brand manifests woven shoes without soles. In this field, Givenchy’s TK-360 stands alone.

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