Golden Goose Dupe Trainers

The first time I saw Golden Goose sneakers, I didn’t understand the appeal. For one thing, these Instagram famous sneakers are designed to look distressed and dirty, which I found wild considering the price tag of nearly $ 600. These Italian made leather shoes with their unique star emblem were unlike anything I have ever owned, which only made them more intriguing and desirable, which ultimately led me to seek out the best. Golden Goose Dupes-But more on that later.

Over time, these glittery, youthful and deliciously absurd shoes completely took over my social media feed and made me realize what I was missing in my closet: an edgy, trendy and contemporary sneaker that all influencers and cool moms wore it. And they’re anything but conventional: they come in a sea of ​​funky yet fantastic designs, including leopard print, lavender glitter, and even a fluorescent yellow.

The original Golden Goose sneakers are definitely worth the price if you’re willing to spend over $ 500 on sneakers.

Even though I’ve saved up every now and then for these trendy European shoes, I just can’t pull the trigger to spend so many Benjamins on casual shoes. And although the day will come when I will finally invest in it, in the meantime, I have decided to test the waters with a superb pair of Golden Goose Dupes. Of course, there are a number of models similar to Golden Goose, but the dupes are no better than Vintage Havana.

Like Golden Goose, Vintage Havana features a variety of eye-catching and curious-looking designs, including tie-dye calf hair, camouflage with golden glitter, and rainbow glitter, all of which bear a striking resemblance to Golden Goose’s iconic sneakers.

With Vintage havana affordable price tag – most sneakers are around $ 100 – I was concerned that the quality, comfort, design, and durability of the shoes just wouldn’t stand up to the competition, but my suspicions were wrong; these shoes are well designed, comfortable and elicit many compliments and questions about where to find them. I’ve had several admirers before who stop to ask me if I’m wearing Golden Goose, and although I’ve been tempted to lie and say that I am, in the end I can’t help but brag about the deal I found with my Vintage Havana pair.

I think what I love most about vintage Havana sneakers is that you get a great, luxurious shoe that looks expensive like Golden Goose without the overly distressed and dirty design. No matter how much I try, I still can’t fathom the allure of the new sneakers that look decades old, and maybe that’s why I decided to stick with my fools. looking fresh for the moment.

Bonnie Havana Vintage Trainers

The classic Italian look less the distressing.

Vintage Havana Rollin ‘Trainers

Those low sneakers feature a similar star design that resembles the original Golden Goose styling.

Vintage Havana Owen Trainers

The subtle chain detail gives this pair of Vintage Havanas extra-luxury appeal.

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