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March 11, 2022

Grant Fisher caught fire last month. He first erased by Galen Rupp American indoor record in the 5000m running 12:53 in Boston. Then last weekend he erased Rupp’s American record in the 10,000m by running 26:33 to defeat moh ahmed and win the Sound Running Meet.

Grant joined us on the Track Talk podcast to discuss his breakout runs, what’s next in 2022 and more. We recommend listening to the full podcast in the player below or here on your favorite podcast app, but we’ve got some highlights below.

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Go under 1:00 p.m. and under 11:00 p.m.: “These moments are things I dreamed of living when I left university”

“[It’s] Another kind of shock [I ran that fast]. I wouldn’t say I still consider myself a guy under 1:00 p.m., under 11:00 p.m. maybe it’ll sink in more, but I mean those times there are things that I dreamed of doing when I was out of college. I thought, ‘man if I could go under 13 minutes, that would be amazing at some point in my career.’ Honestly, I didn’t really think about 10K when I came out of college. It didn’t really cross my mind, but 5k, I was like, if I can break 13, it’ll be another world.

I didn’t think these things would happen as early in my career as they did. You never know what the future holds, but it’s a good feeling. But it’s kind of hard to come to terms with the very idea of ​​being the person who did it.

Skipping the World Indoors to aim for American records “If I’m in good shape to attack records, that’s what I want to do. “

“Essentially we had just finished a training session (in November) and jerry [Schumacher] had liked what he had seen during training. And, he came to me and we were planning the first half of the season for 2022. And, he said, ‘I think we have two options to do the indoor season. We can refine quite well. Do the United States and then try to make the world team and do the World Indoors, or I think you’re in a really good position. And I think you have an opportunity to go for the American indoor 5k record in Boston. And then, I think you have the opportunity to go for the outdoor 10 km record at the Sound Running meeting….’

Basically, my answer was if I’m in good shape to break records, that’s what I want to do. You never know when you’ll be in that type of shape again. And I would be more enthusiastic about pursuing these things than the US indoors, which is unfortunate, but that was the conversation. So yes, we have been targeting these two records for a few months.

The last trick – “you don’t think so. You just drive as hard as you can and give it your all.

Grant Fisher runs 26:33.84 to break the US 10,000m record (Photo © Wendy Shulik/WendyCity Productions)

“The last lap seemed to me to last three minutes. You’re already giving it your all and Mo passed me on the straight with such pace and acceleration compared to the speed I was moving at the time. I was a little tense at first. I was tired. You are not thinking correctly. You kind of tend to muscle up when things like that happen.

So I felt tense, and then I realized okay, I needed to relax and get through my own gears, and build this thing as fast as I can and get to this line of arrival. I found myself building momentum in the back corner and kind of kicking it off from that corner.

At that time, you don’t think. You just drive as hard as you can and give it your all. And I could feel closer and closer to Mo and drove to the finish. A lot of thoughts and emotions go through your head on this last lap.

I went from thinking I lost that race, to thinking maybe I could catch up. At that time, you don’t think about time. I was just thinking about racing. now in USA colors Now in USA colors. Get yours today.

People who doubt you can run this fast and clean:

“Whether it’s in the form of outright cheating or some sort of gray area thing, that’s just not how I operate. I think there are people who will probably say why should we believe this performance?

I would never do anything that would compromise the integrity of the sport. It’s not who I am. That’s not who I want to be.”

What Galen Rupp told him:

“We just got back to Portland on Monday and Tuesday, I was jogging around the Nike campus and we were actually going the opposite direction of Galen and as he passed he said, ‘Hey, congratulations, man. Great job this weekend.’ I was like, ‘Hey, thanks man. I appreciate it.’

That was the scope of the conversation, because we were going in different directions. But it was kind of cool, not like passing the torch, but just like it was kind of a cool interaction for me. People have their own opinion on Galen, but he had those two records and continues to have a few other US records and has metals for the US. You can tell he’s one of the best American distance runners on the world stage that we’ve had in quite a while.

So that was pretty cool.

Watch Leo Manzano and Matthew Centrowitz over 5ker Galen Rupp

“In high school, I remember watching some of the things he [Galen] and Mo [Farah] did and were like, the man who is wild. These guys are able to match the power of East Africa, which is pretty cool. As I got older, there was a lot more controversy, a lot more speculation. You think about those things when you’re in high school and when I got into college, but to be honest, I didn’t really identify with those guys in high school because I thought of myself as a miler. So I would watch Leo Manzano more and I like Centro, and people like that.

The 1500/mile: “This is the event of glory.”

“It’s the glory event – the 1500, the mile. Everybody wants to be a miler and then you find out you don’t have the legs to be. And so you’re forced to move on to those events longer grinding times.

Centro, he tells us that “you’d be milers if he could”. Which is partly true.

The benefits of super spikes

“What I was describing to the innovation team at Nike is that these spikes have fundamentally changed the way we train. We train harder. We do more volume in the spikes, and we get a lot more quality and we recover faster… I would say the benefit you get is more from training in my experience than from running I think if you are able to train in all the latest shoes, then running with the old spikes, the difference between running with the old spikes or the new spikes wouldn’t be as big as you think.

How he will welcome a hot day at Worlds

“I suppose I now have some numbers to my name that might suggest I can go to the front and hammer, but I don’t think that would be something I would want to do with it. [Joshua] Cheptegei or [Selemon] Barega sitting on top of me. I don’t think that would be a very good idea. I feel like I have pretty good foot speed and my kick has improved from last year.

How difficult the Bowerman system is at first – “there’s a level that Jerry thinks you have to train to be world class.”

“I guess you could sum up the philosophy if you could call it that, there’s a level that Jerry thinks you have to train to be world class.

And, he would rather you practice at that level as much as you can, than maybe go a little slower than that level, that pace, and I guess you work your way there. It sounds a bit crazy when I say it like that.

We highly recommend listening to the entire Grant Fisher podcast. Grant also talks about his mileage progress, what Matthew Centrowitz is up to, and more. Full podcast in the player below or here on your favorite podcast app.

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