Gucci launches range of sports-inspired trainers in 5 colorways – Robb Report

Although inspired by the sports world, Gucci’s latest drop might just be more suited to today’s street-style and logomania lovers.

This week, the Italian fashion house unveiled its Gucci Run sneakers, and while they look set to help you put in some serious miles, they might not hold up to your next workout. On the maintenance side, the brand recommends protecting them from direct light, heat and rain, and their product sheet even goes so far as to say that “you must [the shoe] get wet, wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth. Any sneaker requiring this level of care is surely not made to endure laps. But fans of the brand and streetwear will no doubt appreciate that the sneakers are made with eco-friendly and responsible materials, according to the label. These include organic cotton lining and unspecified “other parts” made from recycled raw materials.

The red and black fabric edition of the Gucci Run sneakers.


The shoes are available in five eye-catching colorways, including white, black and blue, as well as gray and orange and red and black. Each model bears the brand’s interlocking G logo on its upper, and you’ll find even more monogramming on its two-tone outsoles.

We’ll let you decide how to wear them, but this launch lines up with other unexpected shoe releases from the brand over the past year. Last December, the company teamed up with The North Face to release a range of ’90s-inspired styles, from hiking boots to furry slides. Alessandro Michele’s hard-hitting collaboration with the outerwear giant was actually the second set of arrivals from their partnership, following an earlier ’70s-style drop. Can you guess the common denominator between most of the shoes unveiled? ? You bet – a plethora of “GG” logo details that have surely caught the eye of die-hard Gucci fans.

The Gucci Run sneakers will launch in the United States by the end of this week, according to the brand. But if you can’t wait to get your hands on them, you can grab them now from the retailer’s UK website in sizes up to 14.5 for $870.

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