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Courtesy of Hill House Home

Once in a while, when a fashion piece is really good (in all sort of), he becomes one for the masses. This was the case with Hill House Home’s nap dress. You’ve probably seen it, whether on your Instagram feed or IRL. Maybe you even own one or two (but let’s be honest, maybe the number can go up to three). That’s the kind of power that this dress – and every iteration that followed – wields.

Since the tiered, ruffled silhouette has become synonymous with comfortable, stylish dressing and a (mostly) home life, Hill House Home, which also offers a variety of homewares, has gone from strength to strength. is diversified towards swimwear and accessories, in addition to a wider range of clothing. Now he’s coming to your shoe collection with two new styles: a platform heel, which happens to be one of the top shoe trends for fall 2022, and a slide sandal. To top it all off, the launch also comes with some sparkly jewelry.

We spoke with Hill House Home Founder and CEO Nell Diamond about the new footwear line, diving into jewelry, apparel for joy and following her booming lifestyle empire. boom.

Your brand became known for the Nap Dress, which revolutionized the idea of ​​wearing pajamas on a daily basis and embracing chic and elegant comfort, before and after the pandemic. How did the idea of ​​designing shoes and jewelry come about?

Launching Hill House Home shoes and jewelry is truly a dream come true for me. To know me is to know my love for shoes, especially platforms. The Hill House team and I have always dreamed of creating the perfect platform and the perfect glide: shoes that are comfortable, high quality and make the wearer feel special.

When I was 17, I gave a speech at my high school in my favorite pair of shoes: 4-inch-high pink patent leather Mary-Jane heels. I was student body president and it was an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Another parent in the audience turned to my mother, halfway through, and asked, “How can you let such a brilliant girl wear those shoes?” as if there was a direct correlation between my brain and my shoes.

My parents’ embrace of my crazy fashion sense as a kid had a huge impact on me. They let me wear whatever I wanted, regardless of the projections others placed on my fashion choices. Shoes are not complicated for me, they are pure joy and self-expression, one of the happiest moments of my day.

hill house shoes

Courtesy of Hill House Home

Tell me about the style design process. Why a platform sandal with a heel and a slide?

Like all things Hill House, our shoes are deceptively practical. They look delicate on the outside, but they’re sturdy, comfortable, and can withstand a storm.

They’re designed to be used, with textured, treated linen and heat-applied gemstones that won’t stain or flake off. Our shoes have been pressure tested at a facility that specializes in performance construction boots. They passed with flying colors. I like to think of our shimmering pink feathered platforms next to a pair of steel-toed boots, awaiting a test.

Launching with both a heeled platform and a slide offers the best of both worlds – we’re all about the options for what you feel best in.

What are the most important factors that came to mind when designing these two styles?

I am most proud of the incredible craftsmanship. When designing our shoes, we worked with a family-run factory in Italy that considers the construction process to be an art. I wanted the shoes to have all the bells and whistles (or in this case, feathers and rhinestones), but still be practical to wear to dinner. I felt like our factory partners really understood our vision and were adept at helping us achieve it.

hill house home launches shoes

Courtesy of Hill House Home

Both the platform and the slide are quite festive; what motivated the decision to create such original shoes for your debut in the category?

They are definitely festive! Needless to say, I’ve always loved shoes. Fun, sparkly and happy shoes. Shoes that I can dance and move in and that sparkle when I walk. I’ve never needed a place to go or the perfect outfit for a fun pair of shoes – I wanted our customers to find the same joy [with] their Hill House shoes in their everyday life that they would find for the most special occasion.

Moreover, the jewelry is undoubtedly bold and whimsical. Can you share your inspiration for this particular collection of balls?

When we wondered what we missed the most in our wardrobe, it was eye-catching costume jewelry that added a bit of glitz to our outfits. Our inspiration came from vintage costume jewelry from our own collections, which are just as wearable as they are unique.

The Ribbon Chokers were inspired by our design team’s love of vintage ribbons and the habit of tying them like necklaces. It’s such a simple yet special addition to a layer of necklaces or even on its own.

How do you see women integrating these pieces into their wardrobe? How do you hope women will feel when they wear them?

I encourage [our customers] wear these styles with anything [they] feel better inside! The shoes will definitely dress up a classic look, but if you like “more is more” you can also make a statement. The earrings are so fun and playful – I will definitely be wearing the Disco Earrings with our Pearl Halo Headband for some upcoming zooms. The Blue Rhinestone Party Platform also debuted on a girlfriends night out, paired with my Ophelia dress!

I can only imagine that the two launches are just the beginning. Can you share (or hint!) what we might expect from your team for each category?

This is just the start of many fun launches to come for the rest of the year! Let’s just say that people who love our signature holiday tartan pattern will be very happy.

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