How much is the sneaker collaboration worth?


The rarity, the high barriers to entry and the authentic storytelling make the collaboration with the sneakers special. The same goes for brands, consumers and employees. There was visible excitement when sneaker collaborations were announced or planned in the past. Collaboration is at the heart of sneaker and streetwear culture, but these days it seems like the most exciting part of what was once a basketball head is a bit outdated.

It’s not that good sneaker collaborations are no longer published, but rather that too much is seen as less than before. We live in an age of gluttony, where what was once special now is overconsumption, which is a major reason it isn’t. It extends to collaboration with sneakers and is now commonplace in an industry increasingly obsessed with reach and hype.

In my opinion, it was the obsession that drove brands to tackle how often they post sneaker collaborations. Nowadays, collaborations often feel like they have checkboxes selected or exist for the collaboration. Previously there were one or two top tier outings per month, but consumers’ already short attention span is dragged all over the place by multiple “heat outs” per week.

However, this phenomenon is not recent. Travel back in 2017 Virgil Abloh Off-White â„¢ x Nike “The Ten” holds the top position. With the 10 original sneakers, Louis Vuitton Creative Head confirmed the future of 50 Off-white â„¢ x Nike Duncro Colorway. This was after all 10 originals had been released in multiple colorways. “The Ten” is already “The Fifty” and at least 50 shoes are in the running. The original collaboration changed the industry and landed Abloh firmly in the sneaker and fashion world, but when do later versions (mostly the same shoes in different colourways) of the Project Hurt Your Legacy? I maintain that this point is far behind us.

Kanye West, another genius of sneakers and streetwear is associated in the same way. see YEEZY Can you tell us about your ongoing partnership with adidas and the ability to distinguish all YEEZY 350 V2 colorways?

Another example of unnecessary collaboration is that there is so much going on that has yet to be confirmed. Travis Scott x Fragment Design x Nike Air Jordan 1. What is the real reason for the collaboration other than fueling unsustainable hype machines? It’s a collaboration of the most publicized celebrities, the most publicized Japanese brands and the most publicized sneakers of all time. At this point, the Nike Mix & Match game, and this is a solution to Nike’s production problems.

The hype of sneaker culture is out of control. A new era of sneaker consumers has been nurtured to respond to the hype and the hype alone.

If the sneaker isn’t the most limited release of the week, or isn’t designed in collaboration with today’s hottest brands, designers, and celebrities, many sneakerheads consider it unsuccessful. not worth detaining. .. So how is Nike doing? Fragments of Travisx and Blood Clot X sacai LD Waffle.

Even industry veterans like Nike, when struggling to find new ways to revitalize sneaker collaboration, naturally push the boundaries to the limit just to make others stand out. is. MSCHF’s Nike Air Max 97 “Satan Blood” Created in collaboration with Lil Nas X, this is one of the more gimmicky “collaborations” than the real sneaker collaboration.

Collaboration is not a problem if it is compassionate, genuine and meaningful. Unexpected collaborations like Salehe Bembury x Anta can be great. But one of the consequences of the over-saturation of collaboration is that brands crumble in an attempt to unite, leaving behind products consumers didn’t want.

The head of the sneakers slowly but surely attracts attention, and public opinion seems to be trembling. As a result, more and more collaborations will be on the shelves. This does not compromise the quality of some collaborations, it just shows that there are too many. With several big releases per week, consumers have to choose where they want to put their money. Ultimately, it’s the average heat level that suffers from high heat-emitting hands.

Plus, sneakerheads seem tired of paying high premiums for collaboration, often looking for more economical alternatives. Sneakers like the New Balance 480, which comes in at a price point under $ 100, and the Nike Waffle One, which looks like sacai x Nike Lite, sympathized with Instagram’s sneaker heads last month.

The brand is also careful that the collaboration with sneakers is not what it used to be. Some big brands like ASICS, New Balance and Adidas, have generally brought their creativity to collaborate internally. Paia Moss’Kirby Jean Raymond became the artistic director of Reebok after some very successful fashion collaborations. Teddy Santis of Aimé Leon Dore at the head of New Balance’s Made in USA program from 2022 Kiko Kostadinov And his team are currently working on the manufacture of main ASICS sneakers.

Of course, achieving excellent collaboration is subjective. But the fact that more and more collaborative sneakers are on the shelves, the fact that consumers are looking for cheaper and more accessible alternatives, and the fact that great collaborators have moved internally Ask the question: how much is the collaboration worth sneaker? The exact numbers are immeasurable, but the answer is probably less than before.

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