How to style flip flops in a high way


Flip-flops are among the most polarizing footwear in fashion, once associated primarily with the irritating rubber snap you hear when walking the beach promenade. But more recently, luxury brands have introduced a slew of fashionable iterations (see: early 2000s-inspired flip flops, leather and suede fabrics, funky prints) that bring the shoe back to the fore. Styling flip flops in a high way is now quite simple – it’s all about choosing the right separate items and accessories.

” Curiously, [I] used to hate flip flops – [I] think it was the rubber casually “, Brie welch, a New York-based editorial stylist, tells TZR. “I realized I preferred a hard-soled leather style with a thin insole, which looks like a real shoe, [and] higher, ”she said of his renewed interest. His unmissable style is A.EMERY thongs what Welch suggests pairing it with tailored pants. “[For instance, a pant that’s] too loose with a good drape, or more fitted straight pants that hit just above the ankle bone – something [with] a good texture!

Accessorizing is also essential to spruce up your flip flops ensemble. For stylist Mickey Freedman, it means using anklets. “Whether they’re dazzled or folk inspired (depending on the outfit), minimal effort is required while achieving maximum effect,” he told TZR. Another recommendation from the expert is to add a pair of eye-catching sunglasses, which he says takes little effort as well.

Of course, choosing the right flip flops is half the battle. Fortunately, you have a range of great options. If you like the beachy, laid-back vibe of the classic rubber sandal, you don’t need to give it up. In fact, labels like Gucci and Christian Louboutin launch chic rubber options. And for those looking to try out a heeled style, look to brands like Brother Vellies and Toteme for luxury iterations.

Now that you have your flip flops ready to go, check out 11 influencer-approved ways to elevate them below. You will be comfortable and stylish all summer long.

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Separates elegant

Like Welch Notes, tailored pants and relaxed flip flops form a cool juxtaposition. Above, influencer Aimee Song proves this theory with her all-white ensemble.

Transitional aspect

When you’re not sure what to wear between seasons, consider wearing your flip flops with bike shorts, a trench coat, and a sweater wrapped around your shoulders. You will be good no matter what the weather decides to do.

Upgrade your loungewear

It’s understandable if you don’t want to break away from your loungewear this summer. Fortunately, there are tons of ribbed sets on the market that are both comfortable and stylish. Finish with a low-heeled thong to give the outfit a chic touch.

Monochrome outfit

If you are planning to wear a printed thong this summer, let the shoe stand out by pairing it with a monochrome ensemble. Whether you go for an all-black look or something more vibrant, your sandals will not fail you.

To take a look at

Your flip flops don’t have to be full screen. If you prefer to show them more subtly, opt for long jeans with a cool slit at the bottom.

Many colors

Summer is the time to play with multiple colors in your looks – and the beach is the perfect place to do it. Pair a brightly colored bikini top and contrasting pants with a bright pair of flip flops.

Luxury dress

If you’re looking for ways to make a floral dress look more streamlined, rubber flip flops will do the trick. Go for a colorful style that coordinates with your printed piece.

Soft color palette

Yes, you can still wear your favorite neutrals all summer long. Choose a muted color scheme and complement with black flip flops for a look that can be worn almost anywhere.

Plush silhouette

Instead of a stylish thong, try a fun plush silhouette. Since the style is eye-catching on its own, consider skipping the extra statement accessories.

Add texture

Make your sandal intriguing by playing with summery textures in your attire, such as a relaxed terrycloth top. For more pizazz, try leather Bermuda shorts on the bottom.

Exaggerated silhouettes

Sometimes all you need to create an elevated outfit are some eye-catching accessories. For example, try a bag and flip flops in exaggerated, chunky silhouettes.

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