If you’ve served overseas, it’s time to join the Yakima VFW post

The Yakima Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 379 wants you to become a member today if you are a veteran who served overseas. Many Yakima veterans qualify, but many are not members and that’s what post officials want to change.

Local authorities hope you find a new place full of friends

The local VFW website says the publication provides “comradeship for ALL veterans, service members, their families, and our community. Programs include financial, educational, health and wellness programs, and services for every stage of a veteran’s military and civilian life. William Wharton Post #379 VFW is a gathering place for all veterans of foreign wars and a resource for veteran and family services.”

VFW officials hope to attract young veterans to the organization

With all this help and camaraderie, VFW officials wonder why younger veterans aren’t part of the organization.
Some hope for membership growth was seen in 2019 when a 27-year period of steady decline ended with the addition of nearly 25,000 new members. Yakima post 379 had 93 of these new members. Credit for the increase goes to new strategies to target potential members using social media, as well as word of mouth. Locally, the post has been working hard on initiatives to reach a new generation of veterans, including a new website, increased engagement on social media platforms and an email newsletter. Small steps like these have helped the local post office better communicate with a younger demographic of veterans and active duty military who may not know what VFW is and all they make.

Don’t miss The Morning News Wednesday live from the Yakima VFW

Morning News on KIT will be live from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at Yakima VFW Post 379 at 118 South 5th Avenue on Wednesday morning to hear more about the push for new members.
You can find information on the VFW website at https://vfwpost379.org/

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