Jalen Green makes young Houston fan cry with gesture

To celebrate the New Year, the Houston Rockets hosted the Miami Heat on Friday. While it was an entertaining clash, most Rockets fans only walked away with a disappointing loss. However, a young Houston fan received a gift and keepsake for a lifetime.

Walking towards the Rockets’ locker room with his teammates, Jalen Green noticed an extremely excited young boy in the stands. He stopped short, took off his right sneaker and personally delivered it to the fan. He is clearly overwhelmed with joy, and you can see his emotional reaction in this video, which is now circulating on the Internet and social networks.

I could watch this for hours. The pure happiness expressed by this young fan proves how much impact professional athletes have on their fans. It seems Green knows this very well, as he has already taken advantage of his platform in the NBA to give back to the community.

Honestly, it seems like one of Green’s favorite things to give is sneakers. For Thanksgiving, the Rockets’ shooting goaltender worked with Adidas and Shoe Palace to provide teenage boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston with basic necessities. This included Adidas backpacks, sneakers, and other essentials.

Despite Friday night’s loss, Green felt really good knowing he had given a young fan a memory he will never forget and a pretty cool memory.

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