KangaROOS x Acribik “F–k Cancer” Worthy cause, well-crafted sneakers – ARCH-USA

Health is a subject that concerns us all and an unexpected diagnosis can quickly turn your whole life upside down.

KangaROOS and Acribik have dedicated themselves to a project close to their hearts in cooperation with NOBU: with the GAMMA+ model, the cooperation partners want to focus on a subject that directly or indirectly affects almost all of us: cancer and cancer prevention. . The common projectfuck the canceris intended to give strength to those affected and their loved ones.

The easiest way to help fight blood cancer is to join the DKMS and possible donation of stem cells. This is why part of the profits are donated to the DKMS to support the fight against blood cancer.

Source: KangaROOS x Acribik “Fuck Cancer”

A sneaker designed in collaboration with sneaker store Acribik, this shoe comes at just the right time as cancer continues to affect everyone in one way or another. A child I sent to college recently succumbed to his long battle with cancer and it reminds me how fragile life is. A sneaker isn’t the answer, but sharing information is always a welcome aspect of staying alert by learning as much as possible about the disease and how it affects those we love. Use the Source link to learn more.

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