Kate Middleton’s clever trick that Meghan Markle is now also doing – “makes them last!”

Kate Middleton, as a member of the royal family, has countless appearances to make and commitments to keep, so it’s no surprise that she likes to keep her style interesting. Known for mixing more casual and affordable looks with high fashion items and accessories that are more associated with royalty, the Princess of Wales’ dress sense has received a lot of praise from fans.

But when it comes to footwear, the Princess of Wales has her eye on the more high-end options.

In his collection are brands such as Jimmy Choos, Rupert Sanderson, Gianvito Rossi and LK Bennett heels, among others.

However, what fans of Kate’s style might not realize is that the princess shoe size differs between all of these brands, and the reason is very relevant.

Kate buys her shoes in three different sizes, a five, a 5.5 and a six. Like many people across the country, the reason behind this is very simple: comfort.

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The princess’s size even varies between brands, for example, her Jimmy Choo ‘vamp’ high heel sandals are a 5.5 but her Rupert Sanderson heels are actually an even smaller size five.

Meanwhile, for her LK Bennett ‘Agata’ sandals, Kate goes all the way to six, as Hello Magazine previously reported.

Kate is likely to size her strappy shoes and sandals as they are more likely to be used in hot weather, so the larger size avoids the discomfort of more swollen feet.

Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder said she could tell the princess wore her high heels “a little big”.


In a TikTok video, Miranda explained: “[This is] to make them last comfortably for the duration. So making the straps a bit looser and punching an extra hole is a great way to do that,” the fashion expert added.

It’s a relatable tactic that Kate actually shares with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. During engagements, if you look closely at Meghan’s heels, they can often very obviously be too big for her, presumably to reduce blisters and chafing at long events.

The Princess of Wales has her picture taken regularly, so her stylist, Natasha Archer, makes sure her outfits are flawless every time.

The stunning mum-of-three also has another awesome fashion tool she never leaves the house without.

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Miranda also said that Kate’s stylist would never be without a leather puncher.

That means belts and shoes can be changed on the go, so they fit perfectly, she told The Sun.

The expert noted, “Like all of us, Kate’s weight can fluctuate a bit, and her waistline can get even smaller, so being able to poke the odd extra hole to make sure she’s fully curvy can be an invaluable gesture to achieve the perfect silhouette.

“Similarly, if a shoe is particularly high (and let’s face it, Kate has a great shoe), having an extra hole in the strap of the shoe to make it even more secure can be the difference between a guard moment -dress and wardrobe malfunction.”

Amazon sells leather punch pliers for around £7.99. They are typically used to make holes for buckles, eyelets and rivets in horse shoes, belts and bridles.

Daena Borrowman, head of marketing at jewellerybox, told Express.co.uk a few other style hacks that Kate Middleton has been following.

She said: “Pennies or small weights are sewn into the hems of dresses to prevent them from being blown around in a strong gust of British wind.

“Royal women are also discouraged from showing off their cleavage. In order to always wear tailored dresses with daring necklines, the Princess of Wales is having her evening gowns slightly altered to comply with the rules, while her future mother-in-law, La Princess Diana used to hold her clutch to her chest when exiting vehicles.”

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