Kim Kardashian wore stripper shoes at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is collapsing

Met Museum party. Kim K – known for camouflaging her in designer faux-o’s from time to time – is said to have sported $60 stripper shoes with this Marilyn shmatta.

Those in the know say these shoes are standard operating procedure for a certain element. They are called a “cleft”. As for dancers with jiggle and wiggle joints.

It’s like SOP as part of a costume. Like maybe in places like Scores maybe. The ladies hide money, money, tips, inside. Hidden. A professional bought a pair on Eighth Street and even stuffed jewelry into them because later they were to be photographed in the scraps that were left of her wardrobe.

Porters cannot walk too far too fast for too long because loaded they are heavy. And Miss Kartrashian – pulling collie Pete Davidson on his leash – walked and schlepping all over MM’s famous dress in those shitty stripper shoes.

Moreover, she brilliantly wore this white fur on the dress, which hid her rear end and where this historic iconic dress could not be taken out. That way, Kim’s historic iconic ass — bigger than any part of Pete Davidson — could be camouflaged.

Unscripted role

Everyone involved is now gone, but I remember ‘Some Like It Hot’ director Billy Wilder complaining when he was working with Marilyn Monroe she wasn’t hitting all eight and failing to do things correctly. He said, “It took 50 takes for her to get one line, ‘It’s me, Sugar,’ okay. Finally, I told her: ‘Don’t worry about that’ and Marilyn said: ‘Don’t worry about what?!’ ”

Stuck up

What is the LIE? Every 10 minutes, sections are repaired, repaired, closed so that portions are redone. It’s constant. STILL. What are they working with? Krazy glue? It’s redone more often than Kim’s behind.

Kardashian supposedly wore $60
Kardashian supposedly wore $60 “stripper shoes” with her Marilyn Monroe dress.
Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

World power is left to idle

Under liberal Truman, we had inflation, demand for goods, a crippled supply chain. What I will do with this information, who knows. I just know we should put a net on that croaking White House frog, Burpden.

Something else. The UN, barely breathing, passed a resolution demanding that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all its military forces from Ukrainian territory.” So???

So why not do to Russia what they did to North Korea in the 1950s: send in a UN force to stop this horrible invasion. Answer: The UN declared itself against North Korea when the USSR – which protested against Taiwan – boycotted the UN. Without a seat on the Security Council, Russia could not veto the declaration of war on North Korea.

Those UN diplomats with their double-parking limos, fancy license plates and cocktails – what the hell are they good at?

Scene & heard

Mentioned in the Canaletto restaurant was the news from an eight-part Hulu about Sammy Davis Jr. producer-director Lee Daniels. . . And Cedric the Entertainer plus Jae Benjamin babbled with Lamar Odom on “FanRoom Live.” . . And the pen names Elton John allegedly used when checking into hotels: Lillian Lollipop, Lord Choice, Lord Elpus, Binky Poodleclip.

Accountant: “My wife says I’m bisexual. Maybe because I only do it with her twice a month.

Only in New York, children, only in New York.

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