Koi Footwear – The Future of Vegan Footwear

If you’re a bit of a shoe collector or love discovering vegan fashion brands, you might have heard of Koi Footwear. The cool vegan unisex shoe brand was launched to deliver one-of-a-kind shoes that give fashion and shoe lovers the ability to wear what they want, when they want. Push the boundaries of creative freedom and design by creating some truly crazy and crazy shoe designs. Not only are they proud to be 100% vegan, but they’re on a mission to create a generally friendlier and more sustainable shoe company.

The creation of Koi

Koi, started by the owner, aka the bean god, from Manchester, started creating shoes to get away from it all. Describe the design process as “like a drug”. It is a process to truly be enjoyed and is not limited. The goal behind the creation of Koi was to continue to push the boundaries, taking the creation of footwear for men and women where it has never been before. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to find shoes with attached doll arms and legs or fairy wings, and just to totally confuse you, why not buy a can of beans when you visit the Koi site too? Koi’s creativity is truly insane, but it allows everyone to explore their more adventurous side when it comes to making style choices.

Your new vegan bestie

Animal lovers, vegans and vegetarians will be delighted to know that Koi Footwear is also 100% PETA approved! This means they are recognized by the world-renowned animal rights organization PETA for being a cruelty-free fashion brand offering great vegan shoe alternatives for those looking to transition into vegan fashion. “Too cool to be cruel”, Koi shoes lead with compassion and sustainability at the heart of their design and manufacturing process. Constantly looking for ways to improve, become more sustainable while being one of the softest shoe brands in the industry.

Switch to sustainable fashion

As Earth Day approaches (April 22, 2022), it’s a great time to think about the small changes you can make to become more sustainable and reduce your own personal carbon footprint. A great way to do this is to switch from using traditional fashion brands to sourcing your new clothes and shoes from sustainable fashion brands. As Koi is one of those sustainable brands, they offer a wide range of vegan shoes for men and women – there’s one for everyone. Not only do they create their wild ranges and fashion shoe collections, but they also provide great chunky boots for festival season and sneakers for everyday street style! Head over to the Koi site today to get your very own pair of vegan shoes, with so many collections and new arrivals, you’re spoiled for choice.

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