M.Gemi Black Friday Sale: Buy Comfortable Italian Leather Shoes For Less


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If you’ve tried shoes from Mr Gemi, you know they easily stand out in a saturated shoe market where the options are seemingly endless, corn very good options are very rare. Mr Gemi fills that gap, with his exceptionally designed leather boots, heels, clogs, sneakers, and gets a five-star rating from this fashion editor. In fact, I’m a self-proclaimed shoe obsessive and I can honestly say these heels and boots are better than 99% of what I own.

Buy now: $ 342 at checkout (originally $ 428); mgemi.com

We know good shoes don’t come cheap. M.Gemi aren’t the most affordable, but they’re definitely not the most expensive. Ranging from $ 198 for a pair of moccasins to $ 448 for chunky leather boots, there is something for every taste and style. With its Black Friday sale in full swing, however, that range drops to $ 158 for her beloved moccasins to $ 358 for her chunky-soled knee-highs.

Celebrities and fashion editors have given Mr Gemi’s shoes a stellar review. Thousands of shoppers also said ‘Yes’ they would recommend the shoes they buy like these comfy cute flats one reviewer said’ Very comfortable no need to break them. I wore them to work and was on my feet for seven hours. “The shoes are usually $ 248, but right now they can be yours for $ 198. There are those not too basic black boots with the heel on. coolest we’ve ever seen, currently at $ 342 or those super-comfy white sneakers you’ll be wearing for the foreseeable future.

Mr Gemi’s shoes are so popular that sizes tend to sell out within days and waiting lists get extremely long, like those clogs that were completely sold out in 48 hours. So you can bet that when a sell off of this magnitude occurs, the stock will move even faster. Buy now, or risk missing your chance to get great shoes at great prices.

Buy now: $ 262 at checkout (originally $ 328); mgemi.com


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