Malone Souliers launches the very first collection of sports shoes



Since launching Malone Souliers in 2014, the UK-based shoe brand has steadily built up a dedicated customer base that includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Hailey Bieber, Beyoncé and Bella Hadid. Olivia Colman has been a longtime fan and even chose to wear Malone Souliers heels when she traveled to Buckingham Palace to receive her CBE honor.

Malone Souliers’ minimalist and sleek shoes are stylish, sure, but they are also comfortable, which is still a pretty rare attribute when it comes to finding chic shoes, and more with stiletto heels. The brand is also focused on sustainable development and made a commitment earlier this year to work towards a zero waste approach; the brand now largely uses recycled materials from previous collections to create new shoes. While Malone Souliers may be best known for their strappy heeled mules and trendy sandals, the brand is now expanding into a whole new category, with its very first sneaker collection.

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This is the brand’s very first sneaker.

The small collection is neither extravagant nor demanding and consists of two low models for men and women (the Deon and the Musa), both inspired by the sportswear of the 1960s. The versatile shoes are made of calfskin and nappa, with soft leather soles for more comfort.

The Deon showcases Malone Souliers signature strap detail, with a stripe on the toe, heel tab, side and tongue. The Musa is similar, but with the absence of the side band and the heel; instead, it features geometric stitching to the side as well as a crest-inspired eyelet. They’re comfortable and casual enough to wear every day, but they also have a high aesthetic that’s a cut above your usual lace-up shoes, so you can dress them up with your favorite tailored pants or ruffle dresses. .

The shoes are also available in playful metallic colors.

The women’s models are available in black, white and gray, as well as pink, silver and copper metallic leather, while the men’s sneakers are available in beige and pine plus black and white, with contrasting red or blue details.

“The introduction of sneakers is an exciting time for our company, which has always championed a forward-thinking approach to comfort and aesthetics,” said Malone Souliers Founder and Creative Director Mary Alice Malone. “It has been a wonderful opportunity to translate the details that make our shoes so special into relaxed styles that can be worn for almost any occasion, any season. The end result is a fantastic new expression of who we are: impeccable craftsmanship, incredible comfort, and a design that offers something strangely different.

The men’s version.

The new sneakers from Malone Souliers cost $ 495 and are now available to shop on the brand website. Scroll through the slideshow above for a preview of the chic lace-up shoes.


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