Malone Souliers Sense of Self Collection FW22

With personal style constantly making its way to the forefront of the fashion space, brands have been careful not to impose too much of a curated narrative on consumers. Rising shoe brand Malone Souliers has taken notice for Fall/Winter 2022 and is advocating for shoppers to have “A Sense of Self” in the luxury market, in its new collection campaign.

Offering detailed, handcrafted shoes for men and women, the MS brand was founded as a zero waste concept by Mary Alice Malone, and used as a vehicle to elevate shoe styles while providing the perfect fit and form. . The brand’s FW22 collection features several new styles, including a white leather sneaker with contrasting black leather details and a black rubber outsole, a black leather ankle boot, a double buckle loafer and a sleek black leather loafer classic style.

Two standout pairs include the “Dali” (an ecru suede chukka boot) and the “Andre” (a woven brown leather sandal). Each new addition to the brand’s range has been handmade in Italy using traditional generational shoemaking techniques and allows the wearer to subtly integrate the design into a modern wardrobe – without intruding on the expression of self. And recently collaborating with Netflix on the hugely popular Bridgerton series, the brand designed a ‘Rene’ slip-on shoe in navy jacquard fabric, dabbing the show’s ornate wardrobe with vintage pieces.

Describing the brand’s aesthetic, Malone (the company’s founder and creative director) says: “Style can sometimes feel like a passive thing – you choose the items you love and allow them to represent you – but it’s is a very active process.It is the practice of defining and redefining oneself in an empowering way.

“Through a personal style, we can communicate with others, but it is above all something we do for ourselves. That’s what this collection is for: the person who enjoys dressing for themselves and gets their energy from the feeling it gives them,” added Malone.

The new Malone Souliers collection is available now in London at the brand’s flagship store at 19 Mount Street and on the website.

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