McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Adidas criticized by Russian media for supporting Ukraine

Russian media have accused McDonald’s of “hypocrisy” over its decision to cease operations in the country to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.

Pravda, the Russian newspaper, in an attack on the American fast-food giant and the decision of other Western retailers to stop sales in the country, said that “the Russian public will no longer be tempted to indulge in food which is not food and coffee which is not coffee”.

He says: “McDonald’s, America’s quintessential fast food company, has decided to cease operations in Russia. The reason: The company cannot ignore the human suffering caused by Russian operations in Ukraine.

“Isn’t it funny? The society that has followed the armies of the United States all over the planet, not even mentioning the ‘human suffering’ as the United States destroyed Iraq with depleted uranium, now suddenly claims she can’t ignore ‘human suffering!

“It’s called hypocrisy. Along with a severe case of Russophobia, it’s fueling the sanctions against Russia today.” He adds: “McDonald’s being a cornerstone of Americanization, perhaps even the very essence of what is considered ‘American’, it is of course not surprising to learn that he is leaving Russia. Other stalwarts of the American way of eating and drinking are leaving Russia in the wake of McDonald’s: Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola.”

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The article is also highly critical of the food sold by McDonald’s – and refers to a series of other major brands that have suspended operations in Russia, including Adidas and Puma, Heineken and clothing retailers.

The Pravda article says, “Why would anyone want to wear ugly synthetic shoes instead of leather shoes which are better for your feet and your health?

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He concludes: “At a stroke, Russia is being freed from foreign commercial colonization. It should be the envy of every sane person in the world. I’m sure many in the “West” would also like to be freed.

“Russians will no longer have an incentive to buy overpriced junk from the ‘West’, be it food, furniture, shoes, coffee, beer or clothes. I’m sure they will only be healthier.”

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