Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya make history as Bachelorette’s first color couple

that of michelle young Bachelorette the season has once again made history.

The star of The bachelorette, 28, ended her season by getting engaged to her fiancé Nayte Olukoya. Together, the two are the very first colored couple to come out of the Single Where Bachelorette e in its history of almost two decades.

Talk to Happy Hour Bachelor podcast, Young expressed his enthusiasm for its historic season, saying, “It’s high time!”

Young, who works as an elementary school teacher, told the podcast that her historic engagement with Olukoya “is a very cool thing” to come out of the franchise.


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“Nayte and I have always been goal setter. We talked about it, I’ve always been a goal setter,” she explained. “When he walked in, our conversations that we had, we definitely aligned with that.”

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She continued, “And so it was cool to be a part of that experience and to make history that way”, before adding, “It’s just kind of a trampoline for us with what we’re going to do. . “

Olukoya, 27, agreed with his fiancée, adding: “Black love, baby!”

Ahead of their engagement, Young’s season first entered history when his last four featured all contestants of color.

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Young and Olukoya got engaged two months ago and their final episode aired on ABC on Tuesday. The couple told PEOPLE this week that they were just as happy now as they were when Olukoya knelt down.


LA BACHELORETTE – “After the Final Rose” – The roses have all been handed out, “The Bachelorette” herself, Michelle Young, returns.

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“I am falling more and more in love with each passing day,” Young said. “I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family with a healthy marriage and thought I wouldn’t give up until I got this. This is my person. And I didn’t know I could. love at this level. “

Olukoya added: “It is so natural for us to be together. I have never felt what I feel before. I am thoroughly!”

The couple told PEOPLE that they have been spending their time since the end of the show “dancing, singing and fooling around.”

Olukoya explained, “Now it’s done and we’re just two people madly in love on this path. And we’re each other’s stones for life.”

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