Mississippi’s annual duty-free weekend gets shoppers running to stores

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – It’s the perfect weekend to shop and save money in Mississippi.

The annual duty-free weekend kicked off at midnight on Friday July 29, and customers rushed inside to swipe their cards despite there being no tax on certain items.

“Because, to get good prices on these kids clothes, and my other daughter, she sent a list that we could buy her stuff too,” said a retiree who did not give her name.

The tax-free weekend has been an annual thing for Mississippi since 2009. Some families need it more than ever, like Rose Hall and her family.

“We don’t go anywhere much because gas prices are way too high,” Hall said.

Although only certain items such as clothing, shoes and accessories are zero-rated this weekend, these are items that people of all ages can use.

“Well, I’m on Social Security, so I have to watch every penny I spend on gas and groceries,” the retiree said. “Weekends like this help. It helps the elderly. »

You can find a complete list of eligible and ineligible items on the Department of Revenue website.

You still have a few hours to shop; the holidays extend until Saturday.

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