New Balance partners with Salehe Bembury for shoes and apparel


Following the release of two New Balance x Salehe Bembury 2002R colorways, the duo once again team up to launch the 574 YURT and, for the first time, accompanying apparel. Based on inspiration from running, the 574 YURT reinvents the classic and archival New Balance model with an exterior twist.

The now iconic 574 wardrobe is an original 80s trail running model and the 574 YURT’s upper is inspired by that silhouette, along with elements from the archived Test Run 3.0, 990v3 and 755. This new model continues the tradition of open knitwear that has become a signature of the Salehe Bembury x New Balance relationship. A sleek, yet functional trail shoe at its core, the 574 YURT also features a shoe first – a high-pitched heel whistle, emphasizing safety and outdoor survival.

A yurt, a round tent covered in skins or felt, is at the center of Bembury’s collection of sneakers and clothing. Bembury uses earth tones and vibrant colors to capture the exterior in his designs and colourways.

“You already need a lot of different tools when you venture outside,” says Bembury. “The 574 YURT was created so you don’t have to worry about remembering every single item because we’ve merged two into one with a whistle on the sneaker. Weaving this theme into the campaign video makes me eager to see how my audience takes this campaign at face value while showcasing the 574 YURT and the apparel.

In keeping with the theme of the outdoors, the clothing line includes a t-shirt, hoodie, pants and cap with Bembury’s signature fingerprint design and a color scheme inspired by hiking trails. . As an extension of the collection, the campaign video takes viewers through outdoor environments alongside actors Jesse Williams and Algee Smith.

“You could say none of us were a whistling expert who made it there,” says Yenny Hsieh, senior technical designer, footwear, New Balance. “But at New Balance, we honor function at all levels and the team is committed to finding the right balance between a visually appealing and functional device – the key point being that the whistle should sound right at the end of the day. Whistle aside, this design involved a number of technically challenging components. Our goal was to combine a historic canvas with an unconventional twist, which helped both of us present legacy technologies in a new light while at the same time dealing with some manufacturing constraints, it’s the kind of work that creatively feeds our souls because we know that at the end of the day, we’re building something really new for people.

The 574 YURT footwear and apparel collection will be available on October 22.

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